The Colombian "Sports Flight" is already in Spain

This is how the trip of national athletes who return to Europe to compete has been called from Colombia. Runners like Quintana, Bernal or López traveled.


The new normalcy in cycling seems, little by little, to settle down. The runners are training again, the tests are beginning to happen while waiting for the long-awaited Vuelta a Burgos. And, now, the Colombian riders are finally in Europe and can reunite with their teammates.

Colombia canceled all its international flights on March 23 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it did not appear on the European Union list of countries with which connections were resumed, so some brokers began to see how His presence was jeopardized at the restart of the competition. That is why, with the collaboration of the Colombian Government, an Avianca charter flight could be chartered so that all athletes in that situation could return to Europe.

The flight that transported a little more than a hundred Colombian athletes left Bogotá this Sunday at 17:00 local time, and it was not until around nine in the morning from Spain when they touched down. More than ten hours on the plane so that athletes can return to Europe, where the main competitions of their disciplines will take place.

This is the case of the more than 60 cyclists who got on the aircraft. Egan Bernal, Iván Sosa, Sebastián Henao, Miguel Angel López, Sergio Henao, Fernando Gaviria, Juan Diego Alba, Carlos Betancur, Esteban Chaves, Winner Anacona, Dáyer and Nairo Quintana, Rigoberto Urán or Sergio Higuita are some of the many runners who landed in Madrid

Before traveling to Spain, the members of the flight underwent a PCR test to detect the coronavirus, and its negative was essential for them to get on the plane. The athlete Diego Palomeque, the swimmer Jonatan Gómez and the judoka Francisco Balanta could not do it when testing positive. Nor could Anthony Zambrano, world runner-up of the 400 meters, travel because his test results did not arrive. At the airport, those who did travel followed established recommendations, such as the use of a mask, social distancing, and frequent handwashing. They also took their temperature and went through a disinfecting arch.

Now, once they arrive at the Barajas Airport, the Colombian runners will each depart to different places, not having to quarantine, to rejoin their respective teams. This is the case of the four Ineos cyclists (Egan Bernal, Iván Sosa, Sebastián Henao and Brandon Rivera), who will travel to Andorra. Superman López will go to Sierra Nevada, and the Quintana will travel to France next week.

The long list of Colombian athletes were fired with honor by the authorities of their country. "In the midst of this pandemic, there are also positive references such as you are, dear athletes, who have had to train alone when they did it as a team and now when you return to compete, you will need the public applauding them, but you are an example to the country because they have not lost the desire or the desire to win, "stressed the President of the Republic, Iván Duque Márquez.

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