The Alavés redesigns its shield and kicks off its centenary

"It is a shield that completely changes the image of the previous one that was present for more than 20 years," says the person responsible for the change.


Deportivo Alavés redesigned its shield and kicked off its centenary, which it will celebrate in the First Division during the 2020-21 season and which it presented to the society of Vitoria through an event in which sponsors and politicians from the city and province participated. . In the act, which was attended by around a hundred people, the president of the club, Alfonso Fernández de Trocóniz, and the head of design of the club from Vitoria participated, explaining the reasons that have led the entity to present this new image. The shield has been designed on a circumference, a pattern widely applied in numerous national and international championship teams, in which the central element is again the original flag of the entity created in 1921.

"The flag emerges waving in the center of the circumference with the team's initials (DA) on the central strip. It is a shield that completely changes the image of the previous one that was present for more than 20 years. The shield was created in the 90s and was not designed to appear on the different digital media and platforms. In recent years it has been patching and we wanted to solve those problems, "explained Asier Samaniego, who made reference to the fact that the previous image had two blues and they wanted to recover a single blue color

The president of Deportivo Alavés, Alfonso Fernández de Tróconiz, pointed out that "we must highlight that in a hundred years it will be the sixteenth season in the First and it will be the second longest cycle" and stressed that of the 16 seasons in the top category, eleven have been in the last 20 years. "We have all known the team in other categories, it is champion in all of them except in First Division and you have to assess what it means to have a team in First Division and what it costs," said the manager.

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