Setién: "I don't feel discussed"

The Blaugrana coach admits that “we are moving away from the title”, but he consoles himself by saying that “I have ended up happy with my players”.

How have you seen the game?

It's a shame, we have it increasingly complicated. We move away from the title but we must continue working. Atlético have been a good team.

What were you looking for with the change?

More dynamism and combination, but they defend themselves very well and have committed us in the exits.

Griezmann came out in added time.

I see him well, but you have to decide, maybe it was not logical to remove it, but worse was not to remove it. I did not do it before because those who were doing it well, Riqui, Messi, Suárez. Finding a site without destabilizing the team is not easy.

Are you happy with the game?

Pretty happy. It is not easy to play against this team, which is physically disciplined and strong. and defensively. But I'm happy with my players.

How do you feel your figure as a technician looks?

As a coach, I don't feel disputed.

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