Sergio Pérez, isolated after a "inconclusive" test of Covid-19

The Mexican waits for the result of his second test to be able to return to work at Silverstone. Vandoorne and Gutiérrez, Racing Point reserves.


Sergio Pérez is isolated after an "inconclusive" result in one of the routine Covid-19 tests to which the pilots undergo at the grand prix. The Mexican has undergone a second test to corroborate his situation, and whether he is fit to compete in the British GP that takes place this weekend at Silverstone. He is sixth in the 2020 World Cup classification. The news was announced at 3:00 p.m. on the Northampton track, when only his other driver, Lance Stroll.

, appeared at the Racing Point team press conference.

While this situation is resolved, it should be remembered that Formula 1 teams have reserve drivers on the circuits in case one of the starters is unable to appear. Racing Point has Mercedes' substitutes, who are Belgian Stoffel Vandoorne and also Mexican Esteban Gutiérrez. The German firm shares its reservations also with McLaren.

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