Radio Nacional announces an offer from China to Pellegrini

According to the station, the Chilean coach is considering breaking his agreement with Betis, who would already have Jordi Cruyff as a replacement


Movements at Betis, and of great importance, in the last hours. As announced by the National Radio of Spain in his program Radio Gaceta de los Deportes, coach Manuel Pellegrini would have received an important offer from Chinese football. Such would be the caliber of said proposal that the coach would even be willing to break his recently signed contract with Betis for the next three season and pack his bags for the eastern country, where he was already training.

The station's information even indicates that Antonio Cordón, the sports director recently released at the club, would have put Jordi Cruyff's name on the table as a replacement for Pellegrini if the Chilean decided to accept the offer. Jordi Cruyff was the coach that Cordón chose as coach of Ecuador when he held the position of sports director of the South American country and who left without even making his debut as head of the Ecuador National Team once Cordón agreed to sign for Betis and also rescinded his contract

And Cordón's arrival at Betis was closely linked to that of Pellegrini on the Villamarín bench and vice versa. If the Chilean coach stated in his presentation that he had already spoken to the president about the need to have the figure of a sports director, with Cordón as the main candidate after his successful idyll at Villarreal, the sports director was even more forceful if possible in its coming out. “The fact of being with Manuel Pellegrini again, working alongside him with all the technical staff, is something exciting. I think he is a great professional, the trajectory does not need to be explained. I am convinced that he will bring a lot of experience, wisdom and, undoubtedly, working alongside him is a privilege for me, ”he said.

After a disappointing season and described as failure, the Betis leadership saw the only way out being to bet on a renowned coach and return to the figure of a sports director. Manuel Pellegrini was chosen both for his career and for his cache. Its hypothetical exit would be a hard blow to the waterline of a project that is accumulating more and more detractors due to the lack of sporting results that the entity has accumulated in recent times. At least, President Ángel Haro and his vice-president López Catalán, the main one pointed out by the disastrous last year, now have the parapet of a sports director like Cordón to manage the crisis that is coming if Pellegrini decides not to continue.

It remains to be seen if Antonio Cordón's weight makes Pellegrini close the door on his return to Chinese football or, if not, if he opts for a man of his confidence such as Jordi Cruyff but who would not meet the requirement of a recognized coach. for the new project. The name of the club that has been interested in Pellegrini's services has not transpired but in the 2016/17 and 2017/18 seasons he trained the Habei China Fortune.

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