Official: Alonso returns to F1

Renault announces the signing of the two-time champion from 2021. "The team has everything to return to the podium and I, too," says the Asturian driver.


Reappearance was a thing for bullfighters, then it was for the legends of the sport. Michael Jordan returned twice from retirement with three more titles in Chicago and a fitting epilogue in Washington; Lance Armstrong returned with ambitions for an eighth Tour before the balloon was punctured. In motorsport, Michael Schumacher said goodbye as a myth in Ferrari and returned as a worker in Mercedes. Niki Lauda donned the jumpsuit after a two-season impasse and won his third World Cup with McLaren in 1984, just as Alain Prost interrupted his vacation retreat to join Williams in 1993 and proclaim himself the fourth and last time champion. Now Fernando Alonso returns to the team of his life, the Renault of the two World Cups, and to the competition that made him great, Formula 1. He will return in 2021, at the age of 39 and on a car that prescribes patience before thinking of champagne. A great challenge at the height of the two-time champion who faces it.

Renault yanked from memory, the sound of old V10 engines and the cries of "Here, here!" that brought the Oviedo and the blue and yellow car to glory 15 years ago. This is how he primed the most anticipated announcement on Wednesday that ends the negotiations of recent weeks, which occurred at 13:00 by email. The Asturian's third stage in the team that made him world champion in 2005 and 2006 is now official, and he returned in 2008 and 2009 after a bad experience at McLaren. Alonso won races for the two most important manufacturers in F1, Ferrari and McLaren, but the best successes of his career are linked to Renault, a small team that together with him became great, and who uses him to try to return to be.

"Culture of victory"

The Asturian, in the official statement: "Renault is my family, my best memories in Formula 1 with both titles, but now I look to the future. It is a source of pride and immense emotion to return to the team that it gave me the opportunity to start my career and now it gives me the opportunity to return to the highest level. I have principles and ambitions aligned with the team project. This winter's Progress gives credibility to the goals of 2022 and I will share all my experience in the competition with the engineers, the mechanics and my teammates. The team wants and has what it takes to get back on the podium, and so do I. "

Cyril Abiteboul, the head of Renault Sport: "The signing of Fernando is part of the Renault Group's plan to maintain its commitment to F1 and return to the top. His presence in our team is a formidable asset in the sports field, but also for the brand, to which he is so attached. It was the natural choice and with his experience and determination we will bring out the best we have. He brings a culture of competition and victory to overcome obstacles and together with Esteban, his mission will be to prepare the team to get to 2022 in the best possible conditions. "

At least two seasons

Renault does not specify the duration of the contract, he reports that he will drive his car for "the next seasons" to replace Daniel Ricciardo. The Asturian signs a multi-year contract for 2021 and 2022 with the option of a third campaign, 2023, and confirms Esteban Ocon in the lineup next year, although the Frenchman had already signed it. "It will be an asset to winning the title again and commits Renault to the highest level with motorsports," the team says openly. The objectives are ambitious. The pilot involved, plus

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