MotoGP returns race by race

Carmelo Ezpeleta is already breathing, although never quite calm


Carmelo Ezpeleta is already breathing, although never quite calm. Breathe, because the MotoGP World Championship is finally underway, after the desert of uncertainty that it went through during the harshest dates of the pandemic. Jerez hosts the first of the 13 grand prizes planned by Europe, in a remodeled calendar that could still be extended with any departure to other continents. It is an agenda of circumstances, with five circuits that will double and with seven races in Spain. Of the 18 Sundays spanning from today's premiere until the close of November 15 in Cheste, there will only be provisionally five without competition. A few pressures that can also decide the championship. Any fall or injury, as happened to Álex Rins, could be unrecoverable.

Ezpeleta breathes, but never calm. Growing regrowths are a serious warning, because they can limit mobility at the most unexpected time. And much more if they repeat behaviors like those of those irresponsible kaffirs that have occupied the center of Jerez this week to make pranks, burn wheels and sting, totally oblivious to the dramas that are lived because of the virus. Aside from the obvious danger of contagion, these attitudes, emphatically censored from Dorna, also threaten the future of competitions on which many people depend and, of course, remove the possibility of having an audience in the stands. For reasons like this, Carmelo prefers to be prudent and clings to the 'cholista' spirit from match to match: "Now, more than ever, we are on a race-by-race basis." And the first one starts today at the Ángel Nieto Circuit, with Fabio Quartararo again on pole, ahead of Maverick Viñales, and with the highly champion Marc Márquez focused on his seventh title, the same ones that Valentino Rossi has. Let the show begin.

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