MotoGP 2020: the nine conclusions of the Spanish GP

How we like motorcycles, organizational success or the Márquez show are some of the highlights of the first World Cup race in Jerez.

How we like motorcycles

For many, yesterday was the best Sunday so far this year, because it was the return of MotoGP racing. It took 245 days from the previous time (Valencia 2019), more than ever, for the damn COVID-19 pandemic, and the show did not disappoint. It is true that it would have been even better with the stands of Ángel Nieto de Jerez full of public, as usual, but much better behind closed doors than standing at home as it has been for so long.

Organizational success

The management of the crisis carried out by the MotoGP World Championship had been a reference for other sports, for anticipating events and for having on the table various alternative plans devised by Carmelo Ezpeleta and the people of Dorna, who in the end have meant organizational success. There was not a single problem on the track during the three days of the Grand Prix and the telematic press conferences, because most of us journalists did not have access to the circuit either, they have worked well. The only 'but' that can be put is what happened in the city of Jerez on Wednesday afternoon, when supposed fans skipped all safety regulations to see some people prancing on their bikes in the middle of the street. That made Ezpeleta say in AS on Friday a clear truth: "Those who made the Indian in Jerez confirm that we do well running without an audience."

The Márquez show is unpayable

Álex Márquez said it shortly after finishing the race and I subscribe it to the letter: "The show that Marc has given is priceless." It is true that he made a mistake to open gas by stepping on the white line inside curve 3 and that this has compromised his season a lot, for the zero of the first race and for what he may lose. Incidentally, more worrying than the fracture in the middle third of his right humerus is that the radial nerve may be affected, but that will be seen. But having said that, the comeback he signed from the 16th to the 3rd, will go down in history, previous failure to go off track when he led, with an incredible save included. He was unchained, not ripped apart, and what happened to him could have happened to him at any other time. Surely, any other would have been content to secure a few points, but Márquez is Márquez for races such as that of this Spanish GP, for the cannibal in him who does not make him settle for anything. And let no one rule him out for the title despite the injury ...


had to win someday Quartararo's victory cannot surprise anyone. Last year was much more than the rookie of the year. It was the revelation of the course and the birth of a new star in MotoGP. On Saturday he repeated the pole position of last season and was able to make up for the displeasure that took place then when his Yamaha broke down due to a change problem in the middle of the race. Now, however, circumstances allied with him. His start was not good and he was not the one with the best pace either, but he benefited from Márquez's track run and Maverick's problems with his front tire. Fate owed him one and the Frenchman has already claimed it. Now he becomes a candidate for the full title, and not just because he is the first leader of the season.

Maverick is in championship mode

It was surprising and gratifying to see Maverick finally make a good start, helped with the Yamaha 'holeshot'. So good that he took the lead and was able to shoot in the first laps. However, the best thing was not that but knowing how to overcome the problems generated by running out of front rubber. He and Rossi (the Italian retired because the motorcycle stopped) were the only ones who opted for the soft front, instead of the hard, like the others, and it was not a success. They were having trouble getting the bike into the right corners and there was a moment when it seemed that Maverick would sink in the standings, but what about. He grabbed the race as best he could and saved a valuable second place that can be vital in the key of championship.

Oh, if Rins

had been, the 'what ifs' are useless in life or in sport, but it makes you mad to think what Alex Rins could have done with the Suzuki if he hadn't been injured on Saturday. In FP4 he proved to have a very good pace and this track suits Suzuki wonderfully. The fracture-dislocation suffered in the right shoulder makes him doubtful also for the Andalusian GP this Sunday, but ensures that there is a minimal chance that he can run and he will squeeze it to the maximum.Dovizioso is a guarantee

What else does Dovizioso have to do to make it clear how hard it is? In Jerez, without making a noise, he signed a valuable third in the title key a few weeks after fracturing his left clavicle doing motocross, in the middle of the cold war with Ducati for his renewal and on a circuit in which he had not made a podium. Watch out for him when favorable circuits come to him like Brno (August 9) and the two appointments of Austria (August 16 and 23) .

Arenas in a state of grace

Moto3 races are almost always exciting and Jerez was up to the task, with a colossal Arenas. It is incredible the degree of self-confidence that Aspar's ward has reached. Last year, he nearly ran out of a team, and when he got his team renewed, he responded with a fantastic victory in Thailand. Now 2020 has started with two victories out of two possible, and triumph, in battle races and crowds. It is a lot to say, but given his dominance it sometimes seems that he was running against children, and not only because he is one of the oldest veterans of the category at 23 years old.Nagashima is serious

Marini's unforgettable victory in Moto2, which he earned the excited hug of his brother Rossi in the closed park. Now, what impresses me the most is the start of the season of Nagashima, with victory in Qatar and a second gold in Jerez, and without practically throwing in the towel until the end to squeeze Marini at all times despite the second and peak that took off. The Japanese is more serious than I thought and to see who is the one who takes him away from the leadership.

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