More dangers than coronavirus

The image of Sebastián Henao and Gijs Leemreize and after their fall in the Vuelta a Burgos refreshed us, suddenly, that the essence of cycling has not been lost ...


The return of the international competition in the Tour of Burgos, 136 days after the last pedaling of the Paris-Nice, came surrounded by expectation. What would the new normalcy of cycling be like in times of a pandemic? How would that traveling city become a stage race? What would happen to a platoon of more than 150 runners hyperventilating in unison? Some of these questions were cleared this Tuesday in the first stage of the Castilian round, which showed a cycling of masks to match in the protocol acts, distancing and restricting the public, greetings with the elbows, hygienic gels and preventive tests ... The departure of the Israel team with only five runners, once Itamar Einhorn and Alex Dowsett retired for having been in contact with a positive teammate, Omer Goldstein, recalled from the start that in this race there is much at stake, certainly much more than a result. sports: the immediate future of cycling. The eyes of the great events are set in Burgos. And they take notes.

Everything that involved the round remembered that the virus is still present, but once the stage was over, the riders did what they know best: put on a show on a bicycle. The platoon flew at 42.7 km / h to win victorious Felix Grossschartner, an Austrian unknown to the general public, who already finished ninth in that Paris-Nice. The incombustible Alejandro Valverde crossed third. Before there were fans, a distant attack from the Remco Evenepoel pearl ... And also falls. In one of them, the most impressive, Gijs Leemreize lost part of a finger, which the doctors are trying to save him. The image of the Jumbo runner on the ground, together with the also injured Sebastián Henao, suddenly refreshed us that the essence of cycling has not been lost ... and that there are more dangers than the coronavirus.

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