Maverick: "I have to be in the lead from the first corner"

The second on the MotoGP grid is very clear about his strategy for Jerez's first race: "You have to fight Marquez until the end."


Maverick Viñales is very satisfied with his second place on the grid for the MotoGP Spanish GP, but also, and that is even more important, with the sensations that his Yamaha transmits.

-What is your assessment of this second place?

-The truth is that the laps have been fast and I did not expect to go so fast in this heat. It seems that the track has worked well and the tire has done very well, so for tomorrow the idea is to push from the beginning, trying to understand what is the best way to manage the tires. It will be a fun and very hot race, which will make it tough and the ones I like. We have been standing for many months and it is fantastic to be here again and have these feelings that we have.

-Last year he was penalized for leaving. Will it be important to lead from the beginning?

-Yes, there is no doubt. Starting first or second from the first corner and then trying to set the pace will be crucial. It is the way our bike works, so we will try to be to the maximum from the beginning. The tires are working very well on our bike in the last ten laps so we have to try to take advantage of that advantage.

-How does it look compared to Rossi?

-I don't know what Rossi's situation is. I was riding the 2020 bike in the first round and the feelings were good. There are circuits that will adapt better to my riding. Jerez is not one of the strongest for me, but I feel with everything in place and with confidence.

-Last year with the Yamaha you had problems to get the best out of it. Will that continue to be a problem this year and how much does top speed penalize you?

-Everything will depend on who we have in front of us. With the other Yamaha and Honda I can measure myself better. With the Ducati it always costs a bit on the straight because of the speed so it is better to overtake in the braking areas, where we have improved. Although on one last lap he would try to overtake where he could, even if he always had the Ducati on the straight. Compared to the other factories, we have improved a lot in top speed.

-Do you need victory in Jerez to believe you can win this title?

-To try to win the championship I have to beat this pilot (points to Marquez), who is the favorite, which is tricky because you have to be fighting to win every weekend, and that is not easy. But we have possibilities for tomorrow.

-If you cannot win, would you be better off with Marquez's victory or Quartararo's?

-I prefer to be the one to win, honestly.

-How has your Yamaha improved?

-If we compare it with previous years, we have introduced a great improvement especially in hot conditions, where we gain great consistency. Everything behaves in a very similar way from one training to another and we can play to better understand the tires. Here we have no problems at the tire level and it is surprising for the heat in Jerez. They are responding. We have our weak and strong points, but there are very strong ones that we must take advantage of for the future.

-What career strategy is in mind?

-As Quartararo says, for us the first laps are crucial. We have to be from the first corner in the lead and try to find the rhythm in the lead during the first three or four laps, then manage the temperature of the tires and avoid the rear overheating. It will be difficult to avoid a break from Marc, because he has a very good pace, but we will try to be there from the first lap and fight with him until the end.

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