Maverick: "I have to be happy with the result"

"Satisfied, because Jerez is not very good at me, but we are improving every year. Also satisfied because I have lost the front end several times," he says.


Good second for Maverick Viñales at the start of MotoGP at the Spanish GP, played in Jerez.

-What taste in your mouth does this second place leave you?

-Satisfied, because Jerez is not very good at me, but we are improving every year. I am also satisfied that I have lost the front axle several times and have almost fallen. In the end I found a good rhythm with the soft front and I pushed to try to have a safe distance, but with the problems in the front end I have to be happy with the result.

-What happened?

-I pressed at the beginning, but I did not think that I skid so much and on lap six or seven I no longer had a tire and I could not do much, but happy that I was able to finish second despite everything. We'll see later. This morning was very good, we thought we would be better and we have to learn from that and from the other Yamaha that have been better. Congratulate Fabio on his first victory

-He was seen having problems getting the bike into the corner.

-I've been scared every lap, especially in turn two and in turn five, because I was skating right. We'll see where the failure is for the following races.

-Finally a great start ...

-I have to be glad that I got to the first corner first, it was fun. And also he could have given the maximum in the first laps.

-Were you aware that Marquez was following you closely before his fall?

-I knew Márquez was behind, but then I saw 'Miller +1' on the board and I relaxed again, but with Marc behind I had to try to squeeze and it was complicated.

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