Márquez: "I have shown rhythm to be ahead"

On Quartararo and Maverick: "If I see that they have a good rhythm, we will play it at the end. But if I feel strong, why not push from the beginning?"


Marc Márquez confesses that in his box they have sacrificed speed to one lap to win in race distance, which makes him satisfied and with aspirations of victory in the first of the two races to be held in Jerez. The champion will start third by all in this Spanish GP.

-What career awaits after this Q2?

-It will be contested and I hope to be in the ointment, fighting for victory. The goal was the first line. I discussed it with Santi, because we knew that with the new Michelin casing, Yamaha gets a lot out of it. Today we have turned the situation around, we have gone a little slower than one lap, but we have gained something in the rhythm, which was what we were looking for tomorrow. It will be a tough race because it will be very hot and especially because of the tire management.

-How are you doing with them?

-I lose with a new tire. When the tire goes down, it equals a lot, but with the new tire the character of the bike is one and to use it new you have to change the balance of the bike, which I don't like for the race. So you would have to change the style of the bike to go with a new tire and then make the race with the used tire. It is true that Yamaha the third sector is the one that is better at it, but the entrance curve to the goal is on the left and I am much better at it.

-What do you expect from the race?

-I am very satisfied, because going back after the preseason until this weekend have been many steps that we have had to take. These two drivers -Quartararo and Viñales- have been the fastest in the preseason. Yesterday our goal was to be in the front row, because it is the part where we need to work a little, in terms of a fast lap in Q2. Tomorrow will be a difficult race, very hot, and we will have to manage tire performance well and understand the best way to fight and fight with them to get the most out of it.

-Has shown a fast pace during FP4.

-The pace in FP4 has been very good, more than in the first two laps, but the difficult thing is to keep up and understand the bike throughout all the laps. It will be a crucial and demanding race in which the Yamaha riders will have a very good pace, but we will try to understand the conditions of it in order to achieve the best possible result.

-Have you used the new chassis?

-I am not using the new chassis. Yesterday we made some checks, but it was not clear to us and we have focused on the current chassis and making some adjustments and modifications to find a good base, which is the one we will run tomorrow with.

-What do you think of the situation with Rins in FP3?

-I did not see it, but what at first is not seen and then it can be seen, because the cameras have already shown it, is that in turn two there were yellow flags and when I saw the double yellow flags, I slowed down as it is obligatory. So I did not look back, because I did not think that anyone would start shooting in that situation.

-Do you feel that your shoulder is fully recovered?

-Yes. The first day I saw that I could already drive normally, although the concern is that with these injuries, the days may get worse, as happened to me on Thursday, but yesterday improved and today also. So when it comes to fitness, I have no problem and I can drive at the usual level.

-Have you been able to feel good with so much change of motorcycle?

-During the entire preseason I was with a very different motorcycle, with a very different aerodynamic package, but with the new rules we have seen that it was not the time and we have returned with an evolution of that of 2019 and yesterday we feared the speed and we did not have good feelings, which is what we have sought today, and we have found them in the FP4 to get faster. I feel good and we'll see what the race holds for us. We did 25 laps in free four and it worked very well, we'll see tomorrow in the race.

-Have you chosen the tires?

-I have chosen the hard front and the soft rear. I think everyone will do the same. The soft rear has a very good performance and perhaps the front is a little more open.

-What is the strategy at the start of the race?

-That depends on the position in the first two laps. The intention of both Yamaha is to shoot from the beginning, but I can be patient because sometimes when I am following a pilot, like last year, I feel that it is even easier for me and I can go even faster, but in any case In FP4 I showed that I had the rhythm to be ahead. It will depend on whether I see that they have a good rhythm to follow them and play our trick in the end. But if I feel strong, why not push from the beginning? It will depend on what the conditions are on the track after the Moto2 race.

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