Marc Márquez's dilemma

An absolutely atypical season of the Motorcycle World Championship begins


A totally atypical season of the Motorcycle World Championship begins. Much has changed, as in our lives, in the 2020 races and drivers must adapt to new circumstances. It will not always be easy, among other factors due to a schedule so compressed and intense that it demands the best from each driver, especially those with the highest aspirations for victory. This is the case, of course, of Marc Márquez as MotoGP champion and also the undisputed favorite in this event. We know that his philosophy, his way of understanding competition, can be summed up as all or nothing. It is true that in recent times he has modulated that aggressiveness that makes him exceptional, which does not mean that he has ceased to appear among the protagonists who play a card the most in each hand ...

The Márquez brothers participated this Saturday in the virtual event of Iveco's presentation as a supplier of tractor heads for their team. Both insisted on their concerns and ambitions for this year, although two aspects particularly caught my attention from Marc's statements. The first, that among his main rivals he did not even mention Valentino Rossi, so it must be clear that the Italian it is far from desirable competitiveness. Even more significant was his mention of the commitment a sprint season represents to him, assuming that any excess that results in a fall and, of course, injury can be a high price in the fight for the title. Will this circumstance modify the attitude of the people of Lleida? We will find out very soon, but the simple fact that you consider it is already a novelty.

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