Marc: "Don't be fooled by my kindness, I'll go for your neck"

The Catalan player will have a lot to say in the difficult challenge of revalidating the ring that the Raptors will face from next Sunday against the Lakers, one of the great favorites.


At dawn Thursday through Friday, the NBA returns to the ring. After the suspension on March 12, the ball will fly again. This time it will be done only and exclusively in one city. Orlando. There 22 of the 30 teams will be present and will fight to conquer the ring.

A ring to be defended by the Raptors from Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol. The Raptors will return to the competition in second place in the Eastern Conference with 46 wins and 18 losses, while the Bucks are leaders with 7 more wins, 6 fewer losses and one more game played. Before the NBA suspension, Marc averaged 7.6 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.4 assists in 36 games, a far cry from the more than 13 points he averaged in the regular season last season. Injuries have defined the season for Marc

Just a year ago, the Gasol middleweight was leaving his first major label in the United States. Her first ring. In the celebration of that ring, Gasol was one of the great focuses of attention by the Canadian fans who watched in puzzlement at the ability of the player born in Barcelona to consume alcoholic beverages in an excessive way.

Despite receiving criticism for the celebration, the Gasol midfielder assured in Complex magazine that his behavior was not inappropriate: "To be honest, I did not behave badly. I am a tall person, I am perfectly capable of holding all the beers and the wine I drank, "he commented.

After an even sweeter end to the season with the World Cup, the return to competition in the United States was not so sweet for Marc. The constant problems in the hamstrings weighed down the pivot's trajectory until the suspension from the NBA due to the coronavirus. Despite this, a huge physical change in order to boost his muscular system: "It was being a very frustrating season for me. I was never able to get to the rhythm and the physical shape I needed to be able to help the team. The reality is that The suspension was very fast. From one day to the next, the club that closed the facilities told us. I called my team and got down to work to solve my physical problems, "he acknowledged.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus will mark the careers of many of the players. The moment that marked a point and apart in Marc's career was an ankle injury in 2016 against the Blazers. That party also separated him from the Rio Games. After that injury, he knew he would have to adapt his game to the NBA: "I knew I couldn't sink. It was a very difficult moment. At that moment I realized that I had to change some of my habits. I had to, I had to adapt to the League or I would know that it would last very little in it. The first step was to change my diet to an organic diet. From there I was adapting my physique and improving some facets of my game. I gained in defensive aggressiveness and from outside I improved my level a lot ", he analyzed.

This season, a new injury made Marc rethink many things to the point of changing his eating, exercise and even sleep habits. The company of his family and a very strict training regimen during confinement have made Gasol change his physique in a sidereal way, losing weight and providing fiber to his body.

Regarding the one-on-one duels that the Gasol middleweight has to deal with in every game in the paint, he recognizes that his physique and his way of being can be deceiving but the reality is different: "I always say that I don't know You must confuse my kindness with weakness. I will go for your neck and try to hit you every time we step on the ground. I love my work, interact with the rival, but what I like most is being able to measure him and beat him, I love it I have had to deal with great attackers from the Warriors games to Gobert through Embiid, the ability to concentrate is essential, "he said.

For Gasol, beyond major physical changes or diets, the NBA has allowed him to change his mentality and find meaning in his work: "What we do on the court is only part of life. We dedicate so much time to our work that can absorb us. It prevents us from enjoying and seeing things with perspective. Only when we perceive the greatness of basketball, do you liberate yourself in a certain way. Beyond what I can leave on the court, that is what I would like teach future generations. Barely 4,000 players have come to compete in the NBA, when you arrive you have to enjoy it, "he concluded.

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