La Real to Europe in one of the last evenings with Germán

The txuri-urdin managed the pass with a goal from Januzaj in the 87th minute. Atlético went ahead with a Koke goal. Goodbye to Cholo's second in the League.


Walk slowly on the green bed of grass, on this almost starry July night, along the deserted Metropolitan with its dome roof: last night of the League. The competition for Atlético and Real ends, in this one of the last evenings with him. It is inevitable not to look at him, to chase him with your eyes. To Sancho Panza del Cholo, his rock and roll, to Mono Burgos and his folder, who before everything begins bends down and kisses the shield in the grass, looking at that empty stand with which he roared so many times, so much feeling inside. A great guy, much more than a second. Eight of the best years in the history of Atleti are his photo

The liturgy silence was ripped from the field once the Stones were turned off on the speakers as soon as the ball began to roll. It filled it all, as on so many other afternoons, the voice of Cholo. Seven changes his Atleti. In Real, who played the most, to be or not to be in Europe, to be sixth or seventh-meat-of-previous, were four: he came out drawn with three centrals. The plan could be felt. Draw at least. But Atlético started stronger. An Atlético that looked to the future, with the 2020-21 kit to say goodbye to this long and sometimes dark 2019-20 period. Blue collar with little buttons (fine), stripes as painted by a child (regu). His first goal would have been celebrated by Costa if he had holed a center in Lodi after six minutes.

The rojiblancos had the ball and tried to dismount the Real by insisting inside. After a while Zubeldia left behind and advanced to the pivot: the Cholo kryptonite this time did not work, the Real lacked ideas, nails and midfield. Their props, Odegaard, Isak and Oyarzabal were always muddled in everything before Oblak. Shortly after the radio counted a goal from Granada, the Atlético 2020-21 shirt added its first notch. It had to be Koke, the captain, in the umpteenth that the rojiblancos were planted in the Moyá area and not to greet him.

It was coral. Thomas who starts, Trippier who serves, Herrera who goes down, Costa who, in his attempt to volley, gives him a pass to Morata, Morata who controls and gives up his heel, Koke who shoots. 1-0. La Real, eighth, opened her hand and Europe had escaped her. Imanol's face in the hydration break was a poem. And not exactly love. With it he would go to rest.

His Royal returned with two changes (Barrenetxea and Elustondo). Either it marked or nothing. So it was. It was time to bite. It quickly had results. Oblak was forced to remove the mitt to reject as he could a whiplash from Odegaard full of teeth. Savic ended up kicking the bomb to get it out of the area: impeccable in coverage, second to none, his game was tremendous. Barrenetxea would add his drop to the rain attempt, but his volley went up. The Royal's attacks were like shooting paper planes at a battleship.

At the time João returned, three games later, that this was a duel with a view to Lisbon. Imanol kept inventing, adjusting the tactic, returning to the three centrals, adjusting the men, Isak and Odegaard left worriedly tired, inside Willian José and Portu. The minutes ran out, he needed that goal, one only, with one was worth, but no one on the field offered, no one stood out. All his danger was only centers to the area looking for the auction head. But I couldn't find any. Or if. But Savic's. And that the Atleti had raised the foot.

That is why Imanol could not contain his tears, fists in the air, when that lateral foul by Januzaj ended up in the net. It came after another serious warning from Portu. It was the goal, 87 '. Europe without priors. Sixth. And without moving Atleti from the podium. A point that was worth both of them in this bitten nail finish. Sticking his head out of the sewer and yelling, "We're here now." In this, one of the last evenings of El Mono, Germán. And also Zurutuza.

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