Kevin Garnett to Offer $ 200 Million for Timberwolves Sports Control

The power forward doesn't have enough money to take over the franchise, so he could put in a part to take control of the sport.


Former NBA player Kevin Garnett plans to bid $ 200 million to take over sports control of his former team, the Timberwolves. Initially, there was talk of the interest of the star of the best league in the world to gain full control of a franchise owned by Glenn Taylor, but the entity, valued at 1.2 million, is even going over budget. for Garnett.

Even, because Garnett is the player with the most money, in contracts alone, in NBA history, with a total of 334 million in wages. And that's not counting the benefits of advertising. However, those figures do not come close to the Wolves' valuation, so the player would offer 200 million to be able to control the sports part, decide the coach and the movements that are made among the members of the squad.

In NBC Sports, the portal where the news is collected, they doubt that Garnett can make such a disbursement, and at the moment the only thing known is the real interest of the power forward to take a step forward. Garnett has a tremendous relationship with the Wolves, with whom he spent the first 12 years of his career and with whom he retired in 2016, after 21 NBA seasons, as a true legend.

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