Jon Rahm: from Arizona to San Mamés for number one

Barrika's, who becomes the second Spaniard to be number one in the ranking after Seve, is a loyal fan of Athletic Club and with a marked personality.


Born in Barrika (Vizcaya), on November 10, 1994, Jon Rahm is, at 25 years old, the second Spanish player to achieve the top of the world ranking after Severiano Ballesteros did it in the second part of the 1980s. He achieves this after shining his own light at the Memorial Tournament in Ohio, achieving a title that allows him to overcome Rory Mcllroy at the top of a world ranking in which Rahm had long been seated in the leading positions of this table .

He has been a professional since 2016 after spending his adolescence at Arizona State University in the United States, where Jon Rahm studied Business. Precisely, these Arizona classrooms have welcomed throughout their history numerous stars of the PGA Tour and Ryder, such as Phil Mickelson, and obviously that of the Spanish. Despite his last name (Rahm), the golfer is pure Basque, and the name Rahm belongs to some Swiss ancestors who moved to Bilbao more than 200 years ago.

In a test at the University, he was considered a shy, confident and ambitious person. What he has shown in the fields is to have a marked character, which is emphasized when things go wrong in the middle of the tournament. As a child he practiced numerous sports, until he finally opted for golf, and it seems that he was right. Another of his hobbies is soccer, and more specifically the team of his country, Athletic Club. He has been seen on numerous occasions in San Mamés and even performing the kick-off and being a great admirer of the already retired striker Aritz Aduriz. "I see being close to number 1 and winning my first big, but now I am thinking more about the people who are suffering. It is difficult to focus on aspects that are not a priority," he said during confinement. Winning a big one for now should wait, but number one already has it, a privilege earned based on constancy. For now, he wants to (cautiously) follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest ever and at the same time his idol: Tiger Woods.

Rahm recently married twice (once in the US and once in Spain), but with the same woman, Kelly Cahill, whom he met at the University. At the sports level, Rahm currently has ten professional titles at the individual level (he also won the Ryder in 2018 with Europe): three each of the last three years (2017, 2018 and 2019) and now the first of an atypical 2020 , with many suspensions and cancellations on the calendar, but that Rahm will never forget. The second Spanish at the top of the world ranking after playing his 100th tournament as a professional. From this Monday, July 21, 2020, Jon Rahm will have no one ahead in the ranking.

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