Joaquín virtually saves Valladolid and gets Alavés in trouble

The player from Almería scored in 87, the blanquivioletas added 39 points, while Alavés, with 35, follows six of the relegation, but Garitano's position is in danger.


Real Valladolid achieved victory and, virtually, salvation by beating Alavés in an unattractive game, with few occasions that Joaquín decided in the last minutes when taking advantage of an indecision of the Vitoria rear. The player from Almería was already being the best both as a central defender and when the coach passed him to the midfielder, but with his goal he was crowned the hero of the match. The Basque team, for its part, is touched, adds five consecutive defeats and remains six points behind the descent with its coach Asier Garitano more discussed than ever.

The result of Mallorca on Saturday added so that Real Valladolid and Alavés came out in the first half with the handbrake on and with the calculator always on their heads. And that Garitano's, with many changes and leaving Joselu and Aleix Vidal on the bench, began to dominate. Edgar headed out, like Duarte after a corner kick that narrowly went. The duel was balanced with the Valladolid people pushing from the sides, but without luck. Neither Hervías nor Toni were able to overflow, so the feeling of danger came from Miguel's cavalcade and insistence at the tip of the attack, although the blanquivioletas did not fire a single time in the first 45 minutes.

Real Valladolid squeezed in the second half, reaching more to Roberto's goal. Alcaraz put a ball over the visiting goalkeeper who grazed the crossbar and entered Unal who only needed a minute to have the clearest opportunity so far. Waldo served from the left and the Turk rose to finish off the header well, down, but Roberto responded with a great save. What should be gasoline for one and the other had the opposite effect, roosting in the vein, with the ball at the feet of the defenders and few risks. The King of the tie, Real Valladolid, was heading towards his sixteenth game that ended in a draw when Olivas in a central start forced a foul on the side of the area. Carnero served it, the defense of Vitoria was not able to clear and Joaquín with a subtle touch led to a goal that was celebrated as that of permanence. Unal was still able to extend the advantage in the discount, but his shot was stopped by Roberto, before a tangana that ended the match.

In this way, Real Valladolid leads Mallorca by 10 points, plus the golaverage, so that the pucelanos would only lose losing the remaining four games and if Vicente Moreno's win everything. Alavés still leads the Majorca by six points with four days to go.Sergio González

Real Valladolid coach Sergio González has recognized, after beating Alavés, that the three points achieved will allow them to "grow more" because, the fact of being virtually saved, "will make it play with less pressure and with more daring. "

"Winning has been a great joy, although it was not a nice game, since the two teams have been gripped, pressured, very predictable, with the idea of not making mistakes, which balanced us both in the game", noted.

"In this case, what the stopped ball took from us in the previous match has been returned to us in this one," said the Catalan coach, who clarified that, although "a giant step" has been taken in the face of the permanence, "until the cow is not tied, we must try to continue adding."

He also recalled that they have never done cabal, but the goal was "to reach those 40-41 points that give salvation, and on that road" they are ", since they were clear that if they did their homework" it would be accomplished ", hence that they had that totally "focused" idea .

"Our strength is group, I have always said, and it has been seen today. There is no man of reference, but there is a synergy between all that makes us stronger," said Sergio González, who above all is proud of the "mental strength" that their players have had.

Regarding the changes, he stated: "Alavés changed the development plan and proposed a party to catch us in transitions. In the first part, there was an excess of responsibility, because we knew that any error could be decisive and he wanted to look for more depth and be able to reach to the auction with those changes ".

In his opinion, these three points will mean for their players "a liberation that will make them better, be more daring and get a better version of each one so that the team grows even more", and for this reason the objective is "to go Valencia to play a great game and, why not, achieve something positive ".

Finally, he was "proud" of the attitude of all his footballers during the confinement and the subsequent return "because the aim was to minimize errors, since any detail or isolated action was going to have significance, and his response has been incredible, just like his physical level. "

"Furthermore, we told them that they all had a very even level and that there were no A or B teams, but that they were all going to have their leading role. We have fulfilled this and they have executed it masterfully to make the objective is already very close, "he stressed.

The Alavés coach, Aitor Garitano, pointed out, after being defeated against Real Valladolid, that the players "have had a good attitude from the beginning, both insiders and those on the bench" and that they still depend on themselves to achieve salvation .

As he explained, "the game was not easy, nor the stage, against an opponent who also played a lot, with a high temperature, and the players cannot be reproached for anything, because they have been well and the game has gone to in the end, when we already thought we could achieve a point that would cut the losing streak ".

"It could not be. Defeats hurt, but we continue to depend on ourselves and we will continue like this until the last day, working and looking for the best in each one", he added.

Garitano has insisted that "we must be confident that permanence will be achieved, because the league is complicated, but the most important thing is that we depend on ourselves and, although this streak has an emotional influence, we will continue to the maximum until the last day" .

Asked if he believed that Mallorca was going to be able to score seven points, he warned that "more than looking at the rival, you have to look at yourself" and, in this sense, he commented that the team "depends on the players, of everyone's attitude, to keep believing. " "We are aware that the road is being difficult, but the goal is to continue improving individually and as a team and fight until the last minute," he concluded.

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