Israel withdraws from Burgos a runner in contact with a positive by COVID-19

Omer Goldstein from Israel tested positive for coronavirus. He is not on the Vuelta a Burgos team, but Itamar Einhorn, who was going to run, was in contact with him.

A few hours before the start of the Tour of Burgos, Israel Cycling reported that it was withdrawing one of its riders, Itamar Einhorn, from the competition. The squad presented a squad of six cyclists and not seven, leaving race number 116 vacant in the race list. Hours later, he explained the reason. Omer Goldstein, another rider from the team who had not been summoned for the event in Burgos, tested positive for coronavirus. Einhorn was in contact with him and for this reason the formation decided to withdraw him.

Marcos Moral, director of the race, told AS in the previous hours that "the organization's obsession was security". Protocols that were based on the platoon being a bubble ... made up of many other bubbles: teams, members of the organization, the press ... had to be controlled to rule out risk factors. The Israel team explained in a statement that on Monday, upon learning of Goldstein's positive, he carried out those "strict guidelines and protocols" to make the decision to withdraw Einhorn, through his direct contact, as well as carry out new tests on the rest of the training, which until now have been negative.

At the moment, the team is scheduled to take part this Tuesday in the start of the Vuelta a Burgos, which will do with one fewer rider. It is made up of Davide Cimolai (Ita), Alex Dowsett (Gbr), Rick Zabel (Ale), Ben Hermans (Bél), Dani Navarro and Tom Van Asbroeck (Bél), under the orders of Óscar Guerrero Celaya and Xabier Zabalo. The squad had words for sprinter Einhorn after his forced withdrawal. "It is something sad, but necessary." Cheer up, Itamar! "

Statement from the Israel

team "The ISN (Israel) team has incorporated strict guidelines and protocols for the current pandemic and respects the guidelines of the local authorities and the UCI to return to the races. We consider it our professional and personal duty to protect the health of everyone around us. We continuously monitor the health situation of the riders and the staff and include a series of COVID 19 tests carried out in the last weeks before the return to the competition. Most have been negative so far.

However, this morning (Monday) Omer Goldstein tested positive for COVID 19. Upon learning of this, the Israeli rider, who was scheduled to compete next week and so far was asymptomatic, was in quarantine. The team and Goldstein have warned people in their vicinity in recent days and immediately sent those staff members and runners to do new PCR tests.

Among cyclists and staff sent for immediate additional COVID 19 tests (tests so far are negative showing that internal measures allow first to detect infected people, then to prevent these infected people from spreading the virus inside and outside the team) were examined some who had already arrived at the team hotel in Burgos to prepare for the Tour of Burgos, starting this Tuesday. This group included cyclist Itamar Einhorn, who was the only one who had been in direct contact with his positive teammate COVID 19 before his arrival in Burgos. Although additional test results have not yet been returned, the team's doctors have decided to remove Einhorn from the Vuelta a Burgos team as a precautionary measure and continue to monitor the situation. Israel operates under the full supervision of its team doctors, following strict internal protocols, UCI guidelines and UCI protocols and will take all precautionary measures to ensure that the health of its members as well as the public is protected. ".

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