"We have had that bit of luck that other times is missing"

Kirolbet Baskonia President José Antonio Querejeta, has shown his joy after the Baskonia title, the first league he has won in the last decade.

The president of Kirolbet Baskonia, José Antonio Querejeta, has spoken after the achievement of the fourth League in the history of Kirolbet Baskonia, the first since 2010. The domestic title has been conquered by the club in the Final Phase of ACB 2020, and the last one that he gets under the command of his maximum person in charge in the directive, that arrived at the club in 1988 and with which he has reached the European elite. A whole era that has had Dusko Ivanovic as the maximum exponent, as recognized by a Querejeta who has been proud of the team.

"It's been 10 years since we got the last League. It has been a strange condition for everyone. Both teams have come very tired to the final part of the match. We have had that bit of luck that other times we don't have. I am very happy for everything the team has gone through this year. Our fans have to celebrate it as it deserves, "said the club president.

In addition, Querejeta added that the team was "emotionally touched" when Ivanovic arrived, with "long-lasting injuries" that had undermined the morale of his team. Recovering it has been the work of an Ivanovic with whom the manager has been delighted, acknowledging that he understands the philosophy of the Vitorian club like no one else. "I hope he stays with us much longer," he said.

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