Hamilton is on another level

"The Briton is at the height of his sports career, and little can be said about the Mercedes that he is no longer known."


The best driver with the best car. A stunning combination that leaves little room for interpretation. Hamilton is at the height of his sports career and little can be said about the Mercedes that is not already known. The result is that I get up a minute in front of the TV and when I return I find the Brit dubbing Vettel with a Ferrari that, at that moment, was running in fifth position in the Hungarian GP. What a different situation for each other! Of course, it is not a novelty, just the confirmation, I would say that today irrefutable, that the 2020 Formula 1 World Cup will be another triumphant and unstoppable drive for Lewis to his seventh title, towards the goal of equaling the legend from Schumacher.

A scenario, unfortunately, not at all positive for the championship. To think that Mercedes would repeat the successes of previous years was not daring; Check that they will do it with a hand tied behind their backs that seems heartbreaking. There may be interest in the fight for the following positions, excitement in the middle class of the grid, but that each race starts knowing the name of the winner (although we include Bottas with the other Mercedes in the forecast) is terrible news for the sport . The Ferraris are not, nor does it seem that they are expected in this compressed and so limited event for evolution; the Red Bulls feint but do not finish and no one else is in a position to even minimally disturb German cars under normal conditions. Ugly panorama ...

Photos from as.com
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