Hamilton goes for Schumacher

Crushing victory for the British, doubling almost the entire grid. Verstappen came back and defended the second over Bottas. Sainz, fighter, 10th.


One, Max Verstappen, had an accident on the way to the grill; the other, Valtteri Bottas, starred in the worst outing that is remembered from the front line. The tarmac was drying up at the Hungaroring and the opening laps were insane, with a jam in the pit lane to change tires before anyone else. He went through everything in the first third of the race, but Lewis Hamilton probably didn't even know: from pole, the six-time world champion remained oblivious to all battles with a perfect Mercedes to win the Hungarian GP for the eighth time ( only Schmacher adds so many wins on the same circuit (Magny-Cours) and is already the leader of the World Cup, on the way to the seven of the Kaiser. The rain dance in Formula 1 is of little use if, when it arrives, it further expands its advantage: it doubled all drivers to sixth place.

The start was placid for Lewis, but very complicated for his Finnish teammate, who skipped it by thousandths (without sanction) and had to stop and resume the march later. Shamelessly lost positions, like Sergio Pérez or Lando Norris. With the slippery tarmac and intermediate Pirelli, Mad Max grew up a few minutes after crashing Red Bull on the reconnaissance lap. It's a miracle that he started the race after smashing the front wing and part of the suspension, but his mechanics are as good as he is. The feat was to reach second place after starting seventh with such an unstable car. He passed Lance Stroll on the track and defended himself to the end of Bottas' attacks, which he traced by the power of his Mercedes, not by the brilliance of his maneuvers. Valtteri suffered against a Leclerc on the tarps and passed the Canadian Racing Point with an undercut, not on the track. With Max he could not, so he gives up the lead. Hamilton's rival theorists for the title, Verstappen and Bottas, completed the podium.

The jungle of 'pit lane'

In that jungle of pit lane the Haas emerged at first: they stopped before giving the exit to put the tires to dry and got to roll in the top-5. Then they gave in, it was inevitable, but Kevin Magnussen defended the front to ninth place. In front of him, Lance Stroll's fourth very celebrated at Racing Point, but who knows little, followed by Alex Albon (Red Bull) and a worthy Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari. It was an intense train in the fight for the points starred by Sergio Pérez, Daniel Ricciardo, the Danish, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, who gave excitement to Sunday when Hamilton wanted to prevent it.

Madrileño's career, tenth final with the McLaren, is worth more than the point that adds up. Once again, his first pit pass was disastrous with another seven-second tire change (due to traffic, it was not a team fault) and a touch with Latifi, who was penalized. Of the sixth virtual position he was out of the top-10 and surpassed by direct rivals. He had to work on the comeback managing the tires and stopping for the second time several laps later than the rest and crowned it, five laps to go, with a studied and forceful overtaking over Leclerc's Ferrari. It is important to mark territory before who will be his next partner in Maranello, and it is fair to say that the Ferrari and the McLaren are two very even cars this season. The Monegasque finished out of the points, like Lando Norris, another who threw his options to the ground with a very bad start and an upgradeable strategy. It's ironic, so many teams beg for a little rain to shake up a grand prize and when it finally comes, the one who takes the most advantage is ... Hamilton.

Photos from as.com
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