Great tribute to Bruno and Cazorla

Anguissa opened the scoring and dedicated the goal to an excited Calleja; Gerard knocked down Eibar and rounded off his great season to leave Villarreal fifth.


Villarreal finishes LaLiga fifth after a win, an Anguissa goal, with an excited dedication to Calleja as he already sees Emery in the rearview mirror, another from Moi and two from Gerard as the culmination of the season in which Zarra will be proud. The Eibar made in Mendilibar said goodbye with honesty and will be again the course that comes in First. End point. With the chronicle of a game decided in 71 ', let's talk about what is really important and why this confrontation will be remembered forever as a damn event. How difficult and what responsibility is to find words that can match Bruno and Cazorla to decorate a text that, without being for them, would be worth as many other times to complement the medals and scores in the form of pikes and that, without However, we will keep as a collector's item the faithful who have followed their careers in detail. It is not fair to work by law until 67 and that the physicist in an elite footballer only signals until 36.

Bruno and Cazorla left our lives as they came years ago: asking for the ball, improving each play, leading the rest, leaving great details of mastery and biting. Hunger has been the engine of their lives. Thus, they were able to recover from injuries that others would have prostrated on the couch. That is why they will also leave a hole in La Cerámica that neither the best scouts nor the many millions will be able to fill in a good time. Bruno was serious and neat as always. The Cazorla thing was a self-homage. What an exhibit. He had fun how and when he wanted, distributed gifts as he pleased and gave a goal assist of genius. The departure from the field of both was a puncture in the soul. His emotion, a whip to the heart. The hug of your colleagues, the desire of any worker. It says a lot about what you have done, how you have behaved and how you have helped the rest the day you leave the office forever.

As expected, they left through the Puerta Grande. One at 82 'and one at 85'. With no public to cheer them on, because the Covid is even rude and has deprived us of these details of justice, but with the recognition of the entire world from the living room or from the bar, places that have so often lit up with their gloves. Perhaps Bruno and Cazorla would be the ideal prototype player, adding the values they defend and the professionalism that characterizes them and have marked their way. He would be tall, leader, intelligent, physically well endowed to steal and build, tactically exemplary in pressure, technically advanced and with all the self-esteem that a warrior and the midfielder have. It would also be ambidextrous, it would have an enviable vision of the game to receive, turn around and shoot diagonals and pipes, an accurate shot, a last pass of genius and goal, a lot of goal, from medium distance, from lack or from the penalty spot as has this great playmaker. Bruno Cazorla or Santi Soriano would be a superman who would only lack for perfection, and sell more shirts, a mane in the wind like that of Griezmann or Forlán.

His legacies are there. And your best images can be reviewed in a YouTube serial. There is no better extracurricular activity, due to the high technical content, for those who have a soccer player son to train. There is no better or more motivating exercise for those who, based on exemplary behavior, want to set out to make their mark on life. LaLiga, fans with a good taste, the Submarine and even its adversaries will miss you a lot.

Eibar coach José Luis Mendilibar regretted having closed the League with a resounding 4-0 loss to Villarreal but said they would have signed as they have resolved the championship at the beginning of the season.

"The position and the points are there, I think we would have signed it at the beginning. We are always a team that is in the hype of those who can go down and we have been saved. We must think about how everything has gone. Before the coronavirus We were bad, the return and the return went well and we have saved ourselves, but there are things that we must analyze, "said the Basque coach.

Of the match, he commented: "They have scored the first goal and it has been very simple for them. With the first change and Cote's injury, the team has broken a little. We have not been able to defend well and we have been caught in advanced zones. They They have not entered the offside and the fatigue of the team has been noticed. The fatigue of all these games, of the heat and humidity, which has made it more complicated. "

In addition, Mendilibar was concerned about Cote's injury, which left the field limping in the second half. "He is with the doctors. Hopefully it will only be a scare and it will be nothing," he added.

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