Gaviria: "I feel almost like the first time I rode a bike"

The UAE sprinter, who overcame the coronavirus, starred in the arrivals of Burgos. "We want people to forget about the virus for a while," she says.


Fernando Gaviria, the extraordinary Colombian sprinter from the UAE, will be one of the most representative figures of the Vuelta a Burgos (July 28 to August 1) that will mark the return of the highest level international cycling. And in his case, much more than for being one of the many stars who have signed up for this historic edition of the Burgos race, which hopes to celebrate the new cycling normality after the coronavirus pandemic. The Antioquia man was infected and suffered from the disease on the Tour of the Emirates, which was canceled and which also affected his Argentine teammate Maxi Richeze. “I suffered from a fever in a few days that were of anguish until I tested negative. It has been a disease that, seeing the victims and the high price that has been charged in society, has left everything in the background, ”he comments in a virtual meeting with various media, including AS.

Member of the Sport Flight that transferred Colombian cyclists to Europe, resumes the activity with an unusual illusion. “The disease is still there, but we will try to contribute in helping people to entertain themselves with a beautiful show. Personally, the idea of putting on a jersey again brings me great joy. I feel like the first time I rode a bike. Cycling needs races, the teams and sponsors are having a hard time, now we have to contribute what we can and show appreciation for this sport because we are privileged, ”says Gaviria with a sincere tone.

A runner who started this launched 2020, with the extra motivation that Richeze's arrival provided to the team, ex-partner in Quick Step and personal friend, in addition to being considered one of the best pitchers in the world. The result was immediate, since in the first race of the prepaid season, the Vuelta a San Juan, three stages were scored. Progression that cut off the coronavirus. "I always want to win and Burgos, where I have never run, will not be an exception," he assures, even though he knows what the situation is. “Everyone is going to linear their best cyclists in the races. We all need victories. ”

In his case, with the great objective of the Giro d'Italia, he knows that the demand will be tremendous: "There is a lot of pressure because we are having a difficult time, teams, sponsors ... It is true that this year competition days have been cut and we will have less opportunities, but at the end of the year we will take stock of victories and days on the bike to value our work ”. Although the main achievement goes beyond raising arms: "Give reasons to the people of Colombia and fans in general so that they can watch their sport and forget the virus for a while.

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