Exam in Burgos

The race begins this Tuesday (15:00, TDP) with a luxury poster. The litmus test marking the return of cycling started with a casualty in Israel as a precaution.


"In this Tour of Burgos we are all at risk, the entire world cycling", sincerely Marcos Moral, director of the Burgos race that will experience its 42nd edition from Tuesday, perhaps one of the most important in its history. The event will mark the return of this sport at its highest level after the pandemic and 14 World Tour teams will be present, which will align many of the stars of the world squad on an attractive journey. But, above all, its interest resides in that all levels of this sport, from the UCI to the great organizers, see it as the litmus test to assess whether the new calendar with which it is intended to save the season is viable and realistic. . The protocol and internal controls in the previous hours have already had their first result: the loss of Itamar Einhorn, a cyclist from Israel who was in contact with Omer Goldstein, a rider who tested positive for coronavirus. He was not aligned in Burgos, but Einhorn was, who has been removed as a precaution.

Measures to avoid contagions in a race that will be an exam, and will also have some experimentation, but that does not mean that you are not working until exhaustion, so that nothing fails and, with an added problem that Moral explains in a very way Clear: "This race is something completely new for everyone, all the protocols are applied almost for the first time. And with nowhere to look! Without a quote of this level to serve as a reference." A responsibility that will be based on a fixation, the safety of the athletes and members of the caravan, among which there will be some of the most important names worldwide, the case of the Movistar trident (Mas, Valverde and Soler), Richard Carapaz ( Ineos), Mikel Landa (Bahrain), Remco Evenepoel (Deceuninck), Simon Yates (Mitchelton)…

With regard to the equipment and the caravan, it is ensured that the sanitary control has been reviewed to the human level possible, despite the uncertainty caused by the news of outbreaks in the peninsula in some foreign squads. "We have verified everything many times. We follow the UCI protocol and we wanted to go one step further. We will try to make the platoon a bubble or, rather, a sum of bubbles in which all members are controlled," says Moral. . Some demanding protocols that include PCR tests for all members of the caravan, from cyclists. to all team, organization and even press members who may be in contact with them.

However, in Moral's review of all the measures, there is one that worries about its difficult control: the behavior of the fans. "It is key that the public does not fail us and respect all the measures. The race is going to be televised and I call for them to see us from home. And those who want to come closer, follow all the indications." An audience for which their access to exits and goals will be controlled. In the tours there will be special attention to the mountain passes, the use of masks will be mandatory, as well as respect for the distance between fans and cyclists ... "That they are aware that we must all row in the same direction. It turns out well we must add all, any recklessness can spoil everything ".

Security will take precedence in every way. "It is the obsession. We are working to the limit so that it turns out well down to the last detail, I am convinced that we will achieve it. We have demanded maximum involvement from all of them because this sport needs it. And if this race is a success, it will not have won the Tour of Burgos. He will have won world cycling ".

A monumental start

The race will start this Tuesday (15:00, TDP, CyL, ETB and TV3) in front of the Cathedral of Burgos, in what is expected a spectacular start. In fact, the monument will also be the protagonist at the start of La Vuelta 2021. The finish line, at the Castle, with ramps at 10% .

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