Dusko Ivanovic did it again

The last Baskonia title had to be sought in 2010, in a magical CBA final against a powerful Barça ... Ivanovic was on the bench. Just like this Tuesday.

Dusko Ivanovic did it again. Talisman Trainer. The last Baskonia title had to be looked for in 2010, in a final of the magical CBA that is remembered for a 2 + 1 from San Emeterio, but that had much more. In front was also Barça, one of the most powerful in history, perhaps the most powerful. Navarro, Rubio, Basile, Mickeal, Lorbek ... A legendary squad that had come from winning the Euroleague, but could not raise the League because it ran into the Alava team ... and Ivanovic on their bench. This Barça is not as powerful as that one, but it was intended to be. The Barça club pulled their wallets to gather an army to start the reconquest, tired of seeing Pablo Laso's Real Madrid parade with all the cups. Nikola Mirotic, the MVP of the regular season, was the banner of a project that included Abrines, Davies, Higgins ... A project to dominate them all. With Madrid already at home for several days, shaken in the first phase by Burgos and Andorra, the opportunity to be crowned in the ACB League six years later was unbeatable. But there was Dusko.

Josean Querejeta rescued Ivanovic on Christmas Day to resurrect a corpse. This Baskonia that today celebrates the title is the same one that was not able to qualify for the King's Cup, which was eighth in March when the championship was stopped due to the pandemic, which occupied 13th position in the Euroleague ... Dusko regained the Baskonian spirit , the soul of a crippled team ... And also recovered injured players during confinement. One of them, Luca Vildoza, put the winning basket and was crowned MVP of the final. He had not played a single match in 2020 until this phase of La Fonteta. On the eve, Svetislav Pesic joked with Ivanovic: "Play the cup, which later is not known ...". Fortunately, Pesic did touch it, because later it is known what happened: Dusko Ivanovic did it again.

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