Cazorla leaves to play Qatar and Bruno retires from football

Tomorrow will be the last game of two myths for Villarreal. The yellow club has already released a video to fire both.


It was an open secret, but the non-continuity of two historical figures from Villarreal, such as Bruno Soriano and Santi Cazorla, has just been confirmed. The club has already released a video in which both review their life in yellow, dropping that tomorrow will be their last match in yellow.

A goodbye that was expected in both cases, since the information and the sensations already pointed out that this would be his last game. In the case of Bruno Soriano, the captain says enough, since he cannot compete at the level the player would like. The three years of injury have taken their toll, so Bruno has decided to leave football permanently and thinks that this is the moment.

In the case of Santi Cazorla, the player leaves to play Al Saad in Qatar, something that had already been announced from Qatari lands. Cazorla joins Xavi Hernández's project, after two years of good football, in which he has been able to feel like a footballer again and forget about problems with injuries.

Tomorrow both players will play their last match in yellow, in which they regret the absence of the public in the stands. The club announces that a tribute and farewell ceremony will be held when the game ends, and that there will be a press conference with the presence of President Fernando Roig and both players.

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