Carlos Sainz marks territory against Leclerc: "I shot myself!"

He wasted a lot of time at the first pit stop but it was "bad luck, not a team failure." He finished tenth with a point: "Little else could be scratched."


Carlos Sainz crowned Charles Leclerc tenth place in the Hungarian GP with an impetuous overtaking. It is not a fantastic result, the McLaren was the seventh best car on the magic track and did not know how to take advantage of the doubts of the start of the race, with water on the asphalt. But the Madrilenian worked, recovered from another bad change of tires of his team and planted a battle to the end with that pass worked on his teammate as a colophon. After a couple of approaches, he went with everything in Turn 1 and gave no option for the interior to who will be his partner in Ferrari from next year. This is how the protagonist explained it: "It is difficult to get over here even if I had a tire with less wear and tear than he did. He made a small mistake and I was able to jump on Turn 1. At least we were able to score a point."

"Little more was scratched than a tenth place. The start was good, I put myself in a very good position, but when the first round of the pit stop came we had very bad luck with the traffic, the team could not get me out and We lost five seconds. He would have started in front of the Haas and Ricciardo, the race is gone. The 11th, the 12th, passing cars to scratch a point. But in the key pit stop of the race there was bad luck, it is not a failure of the team, "he says of the race.

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