Butarque reeks of sulfur

Sevilla easily undressed a frayed Leganés and settled in Champions positions thanks to a scoring recital by Óliver Torres.

Sevilla certified the Butarque procedure against a Leganés in which every day in the office is like lying on the San Lorenzo grill. Suffering without redemption. The brimstone with sulfur permeates everything and even the rival gifts (the victory of Mallorca) do not breathe oxygen to the patient. Highway to hell by which the Hispanics accelerated, consolidating in fourth place with Oliver (double) as a hero.

In the town of Leganés, reign of folly rules. Misfortune with rotating monarch. This time it was Omeruo's turn, who was injured as soon as he squeezed for the first time to fight the race for En Nesyri, the starter in which was his meadow and to whom he returned with unleashed motivations in three letters: goal. He did not succeed, but in that first sprint (2 ') he almost gave Suso 0-1. It was an action that condensed the essence of the party. Ease, intensity and overflow on one side (Sevilla, obvious), nowhere on the contrary (Leganés, obvious) .

And that the cucumbers enjoyed walled minutes of the ball in the discipline of their indolence. Much order, little tusk. In the rival goal because from where there is no, it cannot be removed. Roque had two away and Guerrero, already 0-1, despaired to see how Vaclik (34 ') took a good header from Bryan center, one of the three sevillistas on loan who started from the brave eleven of Aguirre ( 4-3-3). There is no claw in the proper area either.

Defense is sand that trickles through your fingers. The 0-1 pornographed its deficiencies. Oliver caught a bad corner clearance (23 ') at the front. His second goal came in another defensive verbena in which Navas tapped to serve him 0-2. Everything too easy. Too sad. The porridge was ready, but the Sevilla pressed trying to subtract lumps from the broth and show off a thrashing. In Nesyri he had his chance again, but Cuéllar guessed the auction. He certified his work with a ball goal and a serene lash. Rubric to a comfortable and abysmal triumph.

Aguirre: "I will not allow anyone to relax"

The team tried, but did not get it?

We try it effectively. Sevilla was superior, very superior. The goals, I just saw them, are rare goals. When things don't work out for you ... 0-1 is not an own goal, but almost. The 0-2 mark us very easily. We had the 1-2 there ... but nothing. We tried with the changes to give the team another image and I think we did it. The 0-3 was another miscommunication. We had two goals, but we lost the game. They were superior. We, to continue rowing. Time is running out. We are touched emotionally. We are professionals, we must stretch our possibilities. I will not allow anyone to relax. And whoever relaxes will not play. I have a great group. Everything stays in our locker room. There we tell ourselves things. The rival is better. You have to applaud him. We had no fortune. No more thinking about it.

Is mission almost impossible? Should we start preparing in the Second Division? Will you be in those plans?

It would have to be said, first, that while there is life, there is hope. The team will continue to fight. We are professionals and we will be until the end. The other questions are not for me to answer. I don't wear myself out thinking about my future. My future now is Espanyol. We are in need of victory. That's my job.

Do you support telling them to forget the table?

I would like to distinguish from the return of the pandemic that this was our least outstanding party. We had made five good games. Today we were not at that level that we were showing. The slab weighs more and more. Enjoy soccer? It's hard. I try to take pressure off them. I have experience in this. The responsibility I want is mine. Nothing has come out as we tried. We have shortcomings. It is being hard on the results. Five games left and try to add what you can. Wait for things to come out.

What message do you send to the fans?

A hobby ... I have nothing left but to give them a message of thanks. Today I remembered that when we returned to compete there were flares, people were ... I thank him. They gave us a nice message of support. I just have to thank people. There are no more gestures. They have lived up to it. Promise them that we will face up to the end. The two who appeared did well. Worthily close this. Little more. Against Espanyol we are both submerged in the hole. Here we beat them well, I hope we have that result fresh. There's no tomorrow. You have to go for the three points.

What reason can you give fans to follow the team now that there seems to be no reason?

The reason is that we are still alive, that we have mathematical options and a team that competes. I almost made six lineup changes and the team competes. Hopefully we are more alive in both areas. It is where we have been below expectations. Tomorrow will be another day ...

How are you?

I'm fine ... angry that my bag of food disappeared, some bastard took it. It is a difficult time. I'm healthy. Strong. Tomorrow I will be better. It will be a hard night. And throw it forward. I'll find something for dinner ...

Feeling helpless?

It is the template we have. We have searched for solutions. We are looking for systems, changes ... but it could not be. We lost Carrillo and Óscar. The Oscar thing is a nebula. The doctors do not know ... hopefully he is against Espanyol. The image shows that there is something. Guerrero has taken over the stripes. Manu is fine ... we have not found a goal. Today was the day they hurt us the most. The defeat with more hurt us since I arrived. Today we also compete, but too much punishment. A lot has been happening to us. The real team is to applaud him for coming out with that momentum. They have not let their guard down. No one has left the car. The conduct is exemplary. I am proud of these professionals. I feel sorry for them and for the fans. We could not find two to three good results. That was what allowed Eibar or Celta to revive themselves. Hopefully we will be able to add something like this.

Do you do calculations?

What I said is that we depended on ourselves. No longer. We depend on rivals, but if you are not able to do your thing, do not expect others to do it. Today there were lapses that I saw the team messy. The rival gave us ... we could not. When we wanted to get in, his doorman stopped us. There is nothing left to do. Try to make the team play better and whatever happens.

Lopetegui: "Today we have been especially effective"

Serious party.

Yes, we are satisfied to get three points in a difficult field against an opponent who came from deserving more than points. These types of parties we know what they are. Complicated and poisonous. We have been effective. That has given us peace of mind. In all the games we have tied we have had options and deserves to win. Today we have not given away. The consequence has been triumph.

Is something annoyed leaving because En Nesyri has not dialed? They still haven't lost, by the way ...

Youseff played a good game, but he gave us a lot of depth. The defensive line has been stretched a lot. Sometimes not. We ask Oliver to have more presence in the area. Today he had the success of getting two goals and that will give him confidence. Will keep growing. The party in general has had a great game. The important thing is group work.

Do you feel relief? Concerned about De Jong and En Nesyri's trust?

We always breathe ... because if we weren't screwed ... but of course we are better. When you win you are more satisfied. We have not won in these four games, but the team has been recognizable and deserved. We need points and today we have achieved both. Deserves and points. Hitting the goal and not having mistakes behind helps. Today the opponent was difficult, but we played seriously. Front? Both are teams that work far beyond goals. Those will come. Both are people I trust.

What psychological weight does the triumph have for what remains?

Wins are always welcome. It works better. But what you have done for better or for worse does not guarantee you anything. You have to reset quickly and focus on the difficulty of each game. It is very complex for everyone. You have to charge batteries, easier when you win. But time does not wait. So it is vital to press and prepare. It is difficult to compete in this scenario.

How has Sevilla changed to win in these last days? What analysis do you make of this reentré?

The analysis would tell you that we have been recognizable and we have competed well. This is soccer. One of its virtues is that being so superior does not guarantee you anything. The areas are important and must be managed. We have been effective from the beginning to disconnect a team that had its penultimate bullet. They were motivated. I know how it feels. There is a key emotional part in these games. Change? We have been effective and accurate towards goal. We have not given them attack options either. Every detail counts.

How do you see Munir? Will Banega stay until the end of LaLiga?

Munir is doing a good job throughout the year and from the confinement, he has worked hard. It has quality. We want you to doubt your moment. We are convinced that Banega will stay. No doubt. I don't know if it is 100% closed, but I don't think there are any problems.

How have you seen Sevilla on loan at Leganés?

They've run a lot (Laughter). They are good players, of course. They are players that we had with us. In preseason they were with me and Bryan half a year. Bryan is sure to be the future of Sevilla. I have no doubt. Amadou and Roque are level players. Today they have done what they should. Compete and defend your team with passion.

How did you experience it in the stands?

The good thing is that there is nobody, you can hear. But it is strange. You have a better soccer perspective, but the habitat where we want to be is below. It has been an experience that has gone well. Pablo has led the team well.

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