Busquets: "A team expects the VAR to be in favor"

The midfielder, disappointed: "We have been penalized by both penalties. If they score two goals, you have to fight a lot. It was a shame. We will fight until the end."

Sergio Busquets spoke on Movistar.

What feeling do you have?

To fight for the title, leaving two points is complicated but we will fight until the end. Let's try it

Happy with the game?

Both penalties have penalized us. If they score two goals you have to fight a lot. It was a shame.

How do you rate the plays?

Live is difficult. The VAR you hope is in favor. I can't judge

What responsibility do the players have to be ready?

It was a favorable situation before the break. There have been parties in which we have been worse, in others better. We could not take all three points. It seems difficult for Madrid to take points.

Photos from as.com
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