Benzema: "I don't change four Champions for a World Cup"

"You always think of the Ballon d'Or when you are a professional footballer and when you are competitive," he said on his YouTube channel.


Karim Benzema answered questions from fans on his youtube channel. In the match he shows Madridism and admits that he thinks about the Ballon d'Or since he was a child.

Who is the best player he has played with ?: "It is complicated. I have played with players like Cristiano, Kaká, Raúl, now Ramos ... I can't choose one."

About the debate about his position: "I never try to define myself as 9 or not 9, as 10 or 11; I am a soccer player and I try to be the best player in the world" .

Do you think about the Ballon d'Or ?: "Sure, all the time, from my childhood, but it is not something that drives me crazy every day. The term Ballon d'Or is always there when you are a professional soccer player and when you are competitive ".

The moment you regret the most and the one you are most proud of: "That I regret it, nothing. I do not regret anything. And what I am most proud of is having imposed myself on Real Madrid."

His favorite eleven ?: "Real Madrid's" .

Who are the next three great soccer stars for him: "I don't know, because soccer runs very fast. The problem is to be good throughout the season and win titles with your team. By scoring three goals in one game you are not a world crack ".

Would you change the four Champions League for a World Cup ?: "No, not at all" .

Who is the best defender he has faced ?: "There is not one, there are two. Ramos and Varane, when I face them in each training session."

Which players would you like to have played with ?: "It's easy. Ronaldo Nazario and Zidane."

The 5 best dribblers in the world for you ?: "Neymar and stop counting" .

What has been the best goal of your career ?: "I don't know, there are many ... If I have to choose one, I would probably stick with Osasuna's."

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