Atlético 1x1: Hurricane Carrasco and Saúl are worth one point

The rojiblanco team tied at the Camp Nou with a stellar participation from the Belgian. Good defensive work from Lodi and Arias on a hard point.

Oblak: His first stop came in eight minutes to repel a shot from Rakitic after a loss by Thomas. He had to intervene again to clear a foul on Messi with added difficulty, as Saúl changed the direction of the ball at the barrier, forcing the Slovenian to pull reflexes. He could do nothing in the goals, the first shot by Diego Costa against his goal and the second from a penalty to Panenka.

Arias: Keep alternating the position of right back with Trippier. Today it was the Colombian's turn, who was not intimidated by the rises of Jordi Alba. He has a great ability to look for the pass behind when he reaches the baseline, putting centers to the penalty spot that between Llorente and Correa were not able to define. Attentive to close the centers from the left of Barça, very fast in the covers behind Giménez.

Giménez: The Uruguayan returned to the right profile, the most comfortable for his skillful leg. Barcelona sought the profile of Lodi and Felipe more in their attacks, but the Uruguayan was attentive in the coverage. He could do nothing in Barcelona's goals.

Felipe: Returned to the team after missing five games due to injury. He had to play in the left profile, accompanied by Giménez in Atlético's ideal center pair on paper, but who have been able to play very little together due to injuries. The Brazilian was noted inactivity, a point of slowness that led him to arrive a tad late in a move with Semedo where the referee signaled a penalty for a slight contact. He would also see yellow for coming very close to a divided ball with Busquets. You need minutes to get the shape. Good as always while standing still.

Lodi: He had work with Messi, who sought him out on his side on several occasions, although he received constant key help from Carrasco. He is always shown in attack, he does not stop raising the band and thanks to his ball handling at the controls it is a safe bet for his teammates even in risky situations. Kilometers and kilometers along its side. Good defensive work, showing that you can adapt perfectly to that facet while still offering yourself above.

Thomas: The Ghanaian started out very imprecise, suffering several very dangerous losses for relying on body play. The first was about to take advantage of Rakitic, Oblak had to act and the second had to avoid Saúl against Messi. When he could see the passes, he managed to break lines and start the rojiblancos attacks in advantage. In the second half he was safer playing with his body, physically superior to Riqui Puig. It was growing with the minutes and ended up being key to sustain the media along with Saúl in numerical inferiority against the four Blaugrana midfielders.

Saúl: Many gallons in the center of the field, he was in charge of making a double, both from the penalty spot. He ordered the pressure of the team and was key in defensive aids. He did manage to score the penalty that Diego Costa had not completed. He cheated on Ter Stegen and scored for the second day in a row. In the second the goal hit the direction, but ended up entering. He saw the yellow soon to stop a against Messi. Very fast to cover Lodi at all times, it is a lung for the team.

Strap: Inaccuracy in controls prevents you from finishing danger plays. He is not as bright as during a good part of the season, but Cholo continues to fully trust him. He worked a lot in the band to contain Jordi Alba. He left substituted in a poor match.

Carrasco: Increasingly important in Simeone's schemes, returning to his best version prior to his departure to China. He forced two penalties for Saúl's double. The first with an extraordinary play, leaving Piqué for power and speed and cutting against Arturo Vidal to force the foul. In the second he also beat Semedo, who tripped him with his knee. She was about to open the scoreboard with a very dangerous center that was closed until it left touching the post after neither Giménez nor Costa could touch it. But in addition to showing off in attack, unstoppable for the Blaugrana defense, he was outstanding tactically helping in defense to Lodi. Last change, he was ripped apart after being the best player on the field.

Llorente: He is physically full, although at Camp Nou he lacked a certain precision in plays that escaped by centimeters. Much momentum in all his actions, he was not as bright as he was getting used to in his last appearances. He left replaced in the 69th minute by João Félix.

Diego Costa: Very unfortunate day again at the Camp Nou. Messi tried him with a foul that he was attentive to, but in the next corner he tried to clear with his head and scored in his own goal. Bad luck. Later, he was also not lucky to shoot the penalty, but the referee ordered him to repeat and Saúl was right. Key pass for Carrasco in the play that led to the second rojiblanco penalty. Beyond that he tried to hold the team on his back, leaving some good ball on his face. He was able to score with a header that was brushing the post. He left substituted in the 75th minute, a second after seeing the yellow card.

Late changes

João Félix: The Portuguese entered Llorente in the 69th minute to accompany Diego Costa up front. He left some detail turning with the ball, but had little prominence. Carrasco did not see him when he threw the mark only into space against one.

Morata: He had the last 15 minutes replacing Diego Costa. He sought to get some lateral center to finish with the head, but could not beat Lenglet.

Lemar: Double change with Vitolo in the 82nd minute. He had one against Ter Stegen, he did not decide to shoot and looked for the pass behind for João Félix who did not reach a good goal. He saw yellow for a foul that was the last for Barcelona.

Vitolo: He had the last minutes on the left wing. He could not be seen much in attack, he had no chance to come into play.

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