Arenas is the lord and master of the Moto3 heart attack finals

Second consecutive victory for the pupil of Aspar, who managed better than any other group race and did not go crazy in the entrance curve to the goal.


Another race for the history of Moto3, as beautiful, exciting and combative, with fairing touches and even hooked footrests. And again with Albert Arenas crossing the finish line first, as it already happened in the inaugural event in Qatar, and for the fifth time in his career. And he is the one that Aspar's pupil has become the master and lord of the infarction endings in the small class, although this time he was seen to manage the test wonderfully from the beginning of it. Ogura and Arbolino accompanied him on the podium, and the one who was left without a prize, for going too far into the last corner, was McPhee. There everything was decided ...

The race came to have a group of 14 fighting for podium places and Arenas was always seen in the front positions. The Spaniard was lucky that, two laps from the end, Binder did not wear it in his drag, because he was fighting with the South African at the time of his fall. In total there were eight (Foggia, Tatay, Ricardo Rossi, Yoba, Salac, Öncü, Binder and McPhee), and it was a miracle that there were no more with as much advancement to the limit as there was. The most impressive was the one that Foggia and Tatay carried out in the first corner, which Alonso touched from behind just enough for the Valencian to eat the Italian. Luckily nothing serious happened.

It was clear that everything would be decided on the last lap, and so it was. He started with McPhee, Arbolino, Arenas and Ogura occupying the first four places. And he finished with the Scot on the ground and with the podium reserved for Arenas, Ogura and Arbolino. Arenas' first big move was to pass McPhee at Nieto Turn (9). That was worth it to get second, because the Scotsman had already been passed by Arbolino with a restraint reaching Pedrosa (turn 6). The one from Gaviota Aspar came second to the last turn (Lorenzo) and focused on making his route as clean as possible, oblivious to the mess that was mounted. McPhee sneaked in from third place looking to get first and that made Arbolino open a bit too. Arenas found a free way to victory without seeing that at the exit of the curve there was a touch between Arbolino and Vietti and that McPhee ended up on the ground.

They were left without a podium, although they dreamed of him, Migno, Vietti, Fernández, Rodrigo and Suzuki, who started from pole and came to lead, but he deflated. Masiá 10º, Alcoba 14º, López 15º and García 17º. The latter starred at times a great comeback, because he started from the last place and came to roll tenth, but he was penalized with a long lap for exceeding the limits of the layout. A pity that contrasts with the justified joy of Arenas, who has been full of victories, two of two, having spent 133 days between the first and the second due to the bloody coronavirus.

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