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The first day of the Tour of Burgos, with strict sanitary protocols for the pandemic, started the new normality in the races.


The first day of the Vuelta a Burgos showed this Monday how cycling will be in the new normality due to the coronavirus pandemic. The runners showed that the break has not taken away their desire to put on a show, however everything that surrounds them now is different. Protocols, masks, social distance with fans ... with the aim of making the caravan a bubble that AS followed from within.

"We are here", announced Alejandro Valverde from the stage located in front of the Burgos Cathedral minutes before the peloton took the start. The Movistar from Murcia was addressing the audience, fans, in fewer numbers than in any race before the pandemic, which were controlled by security members, who made sure that everyone wore a mask and washed their hands in the hydroalcoholic gel dispensers placed at all entrances.

The organization had been asked to the public to follow the race on television, in order to avoid crowds. Those who did go to clothe the cyclists, taking advantage of the pleasant temperature, did so with caution and respect. "I wanted to come here to show my support, there was a lot of cycling overalls," explained one of those present.

Within the peloton, precautions were also extreme, and even more so after hours before the race suffered a worrying setback. The bubble wobbled as Israel announced it was not lining up cyclist Itamar Einhorn. The reason, having been in contact with another team runner, Omer Goldstein, positive in a coronavirus test. Einhorn, in the previous controls, had given negative, but the team applied the protocol and left him out. The British Dowsett was added to its loss early yesterday for the same reason, despite the fact that all the controls carried out had been satisfactory.

The rest of the platoon continued the strict protocol. The temperature of each runner was taken before leaving, and they were required to wear the mask until the organization gave them the go-ahead so that, once placed under the exit banner, they could be disposed of in a designated area. Many took advantage of those previous moments, on a day of reunions, to greet each other with the usual shock of elbows.

After the starting pistol, the group of 152 runners left to start with the normal development of the day, in which it was also verified that falls are still the main danger in this sport. But just after crossing the finish line, back to protocol, with the team assistants incorporating the mask into the classic drink and warm garment that they deliver to the cyclists at the finish line.

The day ended with a positive balance, despite the fact that there was some request to reinforce the fence in order to minimize contact with the fans, although as the winner of the day, the Austrian Felix Grossschartner, assured, the impression was that the situation He was always under control: "I am happy with the protocols, all this work is for our safety and my impression is that the measures are being respected." With the development of the test, it will be possible to assess whether this examination of the new cycling that this Vuelta a Burgos has become ends with the desired pass.

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