Álex Márquez: "The show given by Marc is priceless"

This is how he saw his brother: "He is emotionally touched, because he knows that in such a short championship it is very important not to fail, especially if you hurt yourself."


Twelve to 27 seconds from the head. This is how Álex Márquez ended in his MotoGP debut with the Spanish GP race in Jerez.

-The assessment of your first MotoGP race?

-In the end, the assessment is positive. After four months stopped, I knew it would be a difficult weekend, and even more without being able to do any tests like KTM or Aprilia did. After so long standing still that is a great advantage. It is clear that from Wednesday to today, every day we have taken steps forward. It is true that in FP4 he had a better pace than he had today in the race, but it seems that we have all suffered more and that we have been worse, because the conditions were really very difficult, especially physically. The general balance I think is very positive. I am the first who wants to be further ahead and closer to the head, but you have to start the house somewhere and the foundation is the best place to start building and to be clear about where we have to improve.

-What did you think when you saw your brother in front of you when he got back on track?

-Justo has entered in front of me and has disappeared in 3 or 4 laps. When you go after him, it seems that he is not going fast, but he is the one who does the most meters and the one who knows where to push the tire more and where not. He has made that first mistake that has cost him the race, but later ... If I were a fan who watches it from home, the show he gave today is priceless. He has shown and removed that muscle he has. I think he was the only one who did the pace he had in training, and the only one capable of being fast in any condition.

-Where did you think it would go?

-I thought: 'This one is now going to close his eyes and screw the handle on.' And so it has been. He has done it to the end.

-If Marc is not there, he will be the number one driver for HRC during the next race. How do you deal with this?

-Absolutely nothing changes for me. The work in the box will be the same, trying to be constant and improve by looking at me, which is what we are trying to do in these races. Not looking at position, but improving the rhythm. Having Marc by your side makes you better compare yourself with him, see where there are more differences and where you can improve more. It is going to change a bit in that aspect, but we have all the information from this weekend and together with the other Honda riders, if Cal is already recovered and with Nakagami, we will try to compare and do these small steps that remain to be more competitive.

-Have you been able to see Marc and talk to him after his fall?

-At first they did not let him in, but he was in the motorhome and my father told me that we could come in, so I have been with him for a while. He is emotionally touched, because he knows that in a championship as short as this it is very important not to fail and even more so if you hurt yourself, but in the end every weekend we all go to the limit and anyone can hurt themselves. Hopefully not, I am the first to want no one to hurt themselves, but it is a World Cup and here things change very quickly. Hopefully you can be with us as soon as possible and that we continue learning from its secrets.

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