A VAR drop

A commendable Leganés equalized the match twice and deserved to be saved, but the VAR denied him the penalty of permanence. Ramos made his 100th goal in the League.


It was the party of the impossible. Benzema entered with the lost pichichi after Messi's two palliative goals in Vitoria and Leganés had a drop in syrup after adding eleven points in the last five days and standing up to the champion. That missionary work in Aguirre has lacked time. And a scorer who brought to life a top team on the winter market. Also a push from the VAR, which did not grant him the penalty that saved him from hell.

The goal's throne went to Benzema. The championship player had it in his pocket for a long time. Even so, Zidane decided that he and Ramos, captains and kings, should take the boat to port and among the group of less frequent ones, he put Lucas Vázquez back as right back. A resource and, who knows, if the way to reengage it in a template left over from ends and cuts from sides. Over there he can see a future after the sale of Achraf and the club's narrowness in the market due to the effects of the pandemic. And while, Ramos took advantage of the meeting to shine his second vocation. Isco put a sugar ball from the left and his header gave him his 100 goal in the League. It is difficult to find a footballer who ends up being a celebrity in both areas. At the break he was relieved of the service. He will not be in Manchester, but who knows if there are still missions in the Champions League.

It was an unrepresentative goal of the duel. Until then, Madrid had only knocked on Cuéllar's door with a distant shot from Valverde, definitely an interior that playing on the side bothers him. After, and until the break, not even that. He appeared in Butarque as the yellow jersey of the Tour on the Champs Elysées, to enjoy the scenery, to enjoy the corridor and to avoid falls.

A team that has conquered the title with the all for all pretended to be an all-for-one (Benzema) in the farewell and before starting it had run out of mission.

It was more the Leganés, who put it all to discuss an announced descent. Bryan Gil, a player with a huge future, one of those adorable mischievous ones, made Lucas Vázquez see what awaits him as a right back. At the end of the break he received a shipment from Jonathan Silva who controlled with the right and crossed with a goal with the left. It was his first target since he arrived in Leganés. The permanence was within range.

Before that, Bryan Gil, Recio and Ruibal had squeezed Areola thanks to the push of Amadou and the additions of the wingers, especially Jonathan Silva, who soon realized that Lucas Vázquez was not of the trade.

In Madrid the expected drumming was not heard from the left, with Mendy and Vinicius, two sleeping torpedoes. Isco left some detail and Benzema was satisfied with the course. It must be remembered that two and a half years ago, during the pepinazo, he was accused at the Bernabéu for not fighting an impossible ball. This is the Madrid fans and this is the French, the antithesis of the tribune player, a footballer with rhino skin that plays for him and for posterity, not for the gallery.

The hand of Jovic

After the break Aguirre pulled Óscar Rodríguez, a product of La Fábrica and a terror in the stopped ball. Only Messi has scored more fouls than him. Leganés understood that permanence was about resisting and arriving alive in the last minutes. The plan was broken by Isco, with the second assist of the night, this to Asensio, who easily solved. Of all those who have tried there, Zidane is the one with the best possibilities for Manchester, since Bale, his great competitor, has spent months (or are they years?) Playing the chili on the street and in the field.

Aguirre could not wait any longer. A forward, Assalé, put in a central defender, the injured Tarín, to restart the work with a defense of four and the tragedy knocking on the door.

Zidane also gave headquarters to the most forgotten part of his staff: Jovic and Brahim. Two sentenced to an Erasmus outside Madrid next season. Then there was a game out of control, typical of the dates, but with better opportunities for Leganés. Two shots from Óscar and another from Assalé announced the tie, which occurred when the Ivorian caught a ball in the heart of the area and left his team one centimeter away from the miracle. Thus came moments of extreme intrigue, with Leganes snatched from Areola's area, chaining occasions, and Madrid unbound, subdued in his area. With five minutes to go the key play came. Jovic jumped to cut a center and hit the ball with his arm, in Zamora's gesture. He left for Cuadra. Sánchez Martínez, from the VAR, lowered his thumb and Leganés went to Segunda without tolerating Madrid's plenary.

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