Without rancor towards Ricciardo

Renault boss Abiteboul says the Australian's departure will not break the equality between him and Ocon. And it announces a triple pack of improvements for Austria.

"Mutual trust, solidarity and commitment are, more than ever, essential values for a builder". That was the harsh message Abiteboul sent to Ricciardo on the day his departure for McLaren was announced. Perhaps, reading that reaction from the Renault boss, a less close deal could be expected with the Australian in the season that they have together and that begins next week, but none of that. The French president promises that there will be total equality in the box between Ocon and him, without rancor.

"What I can say is that Daniel is a great driver and that right now the focus is on what we should do, there will be no preferential treatment between Esteban and Daniel for their decision, because it is not a team policy and it is not a necessity, "says Cyril in a conference with various media prior to the Austrian GP, adding that by not fighting for any title that will make it easier and also more logical:" Let's be honest: we are not fighting for any championship at the moment so it wouldn't make any sense. "

They know that at the end of the season they will separate their ways, but while they are together they share the same goal: "As Daniel said, we have a mission: there is some frustration with last year and I really think we can do better this year. We have a car that should allow us improve, so that's the approach. " And to help this they will not do without Ricciardo's experience, because they will not keep him out of development either: "Daniel will be fully involved in the development of the car."

They have nothing to hide from you despite the fact that next year's car will be practically the same as this one due to the restrictions imposed on the evolution of the chassis, that yes, it cannot say the same in regards to the 2022 Renault, but not for nothing, but for times. "The only thing is, obviously, you won't be exposed to the development of 2022, but you wouldn't be anyway because you're still a bit far from the pilot's perspective even though a substantial part of our workforce is already in it." says Abiteboul.

Triple pack of upgrades in Austria

Continuing with the chassis, the CEO of the diamond brand announces a triple evolution of the RS20 for the beginning of Austria. They will put together the three upgrade packages they had planned for the start of the season: "On the chassis side, the updates are coming. It has been a great effort to have the race three, five and six package (Vietnam , The Netherlands and Barcelona) and they will be in our car in Austria. Although these races have not been contested, the performance that they were supposed to achieve will come in Austria. "

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