Valencia say goodbye to Celades

Valencia have confirmed the coach's departure. He will be replaced by Voro, who will sit on the Mestalla bench until the end of this season.

Albert Celades is already history at Valencia. Voro González will continue writing his own on the Mestalla bench. Celades' tour of Valencia ended in just 293 days. Voro will serve for the sixth time as a black and white coach. This is the Valencia of Peter Lim, a constant coming and going of coaches (nine relays in six years) and changes of course. Yesterday was a good example of how Valencia works. In the morning César told the squad that Celades would follow against Ahtletic; at noon the club called the Catalan coach's press conference for the previous match; At night Peter Lim dismissed Celades. César understood what the story was about and soon after resigned. As the club said on its Twitter account a few days after dismissing Marcelino: "It is what it is."

Celades has fallen due to the weight of the results (4 points out of 15 at stake after the confinement), due to the feelings (not a shot on goal against Eibar and Villarreal) and due to the loss of control of the dressing room (Diakhaby and Maxi Gómez serve example). Perhaps the dismissal of Celades is the decision with more footballing arguments than those taken at Valencia in the last year. Even so, the forms once again revealed the management of the club (Celades found out an hour before the statement) and its Football Director, who did not calculate the times in which Lim moves.

AS pointed out on Monday morning that there were voices in the club and locker room that were in favor of the removal of Celades. Also the call from Singapore was missing. But the passing of the day -and the rush of the match against Athletic- led us to think that he would continue to lead the team this Wednesday. But finally the opinion of Anil Murthy has prevailed, who obviously makes decisions in line with the guidelines that mark him from Singapore. Celades, as a curiosity, was informed just an hour before the official statement.

The poor results and internal problems in the locker room have been the drop that has filled the discredit of Celades, a coach who arrived in September to replace Marcelino, the beginning of the end of a project that finished collapsing weeks later with the departure of the Mateu Alemany club. Celades leaves Valencia after having added only 4 of 15 points at stake after the confinement and without having finished the team even once on goal in the last two games, although above all he does so due to the loss of confidence of the players towards his figure and property fears of staying out of Europe.

In recent days, a strong discussion leaked between the coach and Maxi Gómez. There was also talk of a bad atmosphere with a section of the locker room following his words to Diakhaby after his penalty against Levante. For all this, and six days after the end, the board has chosen to dismiss him.

Voro takes over for the sixth time

Valencia, who is looking for a coach for next season, will finish the course with Voro González on the bench. It will be the fourth time that he takes over the first team, always in dangerous situations. Voro led the team for the first time in the season in which Ronald Koeman was dismissed with five days to go (2007/2008). Then Voro managed to save a Valencia that flirted with the descent. Five seasons later, in the 2012/2013 season, he served as a bridge coach between Pellegrino and Valverde. The last two occasions in which he sat on the bench were in the same season. He served as interim between Pako Ayestarán and Cesare Prandelli and later, after the Italian left, he took over the team for the last 25 days.

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