Valdemoro: "The Real Madrid season is not a failure"

Amaya Valdemoro talks about the fall of Madrid in the Final Phase, the future of Campazzo and how the Endesa League final can take place.


Amaya Valdemoro, the best basketball player in the history of Spain, and ambassador for BetFair, has vehemently defended Pablo Laso, coach of Real Madrid, despite the premature elimination of the Whites on the return of the ACB, a circumstance that has prevented qualifying for the semifinals. "Those who question Pablo Laso do not have much idea of basketball," Amaya began.

"It doesn't make any sense for anyone to question Laso. There is no point in questioning a coach after the breakdown due to the pandemic. If someone does, it is because they don't know much about this sport," he insisted. In addition, he recalled that not long ago the trend was the reverse.

"Only three months ago, everyone spoke wonders of Real Madrid and Laso. And now, after the same months without training, do people wonder if the team is done or not? If someone knows if something needs to be changed they are themselves, Real Madrid itself, "has continued to evaluate the option that this season be a turning point in the meringues for the future of the section.

"The season of Real Madrid is not a failure"

"Real Madrid is a team built to win everything, but with this great format, everything was very complicated. Its elimination was something that could happen. Maybe the system has affected them, because Real Madrid or FC Barcelona are always favorites if the mechanism is that of a play-off. But this format is exceptional. That is why doubting Real Madrid is looking for three feet for the cat, "he insisted.

Amaya has also flatly denied that one can speak of white failure. "No, it is not a failure at all: he has won the Cup and the Super Cup. The Euroleague is not that he has not lost it: it is that he has not been able to play it. So no, he would not consider this season a failure", he closed his evaluations in this regard.

"Campazzo would have a lot of girlfriends in the NBA"

This season that has already ended for Real Madrid has done so with Facundo Campazzo grabbing headlines that value his options of ending up in the NBA. Amaya Valdemoro believes that the Argentine is ready to take the big leap. "Campazzo and many others are ready, but the question is if they want and, in addition, what role they would give him in the US. Because Facundo has shown that he is a player like the top of a pine tree. It is in his hand and in Real's. Madrid, obviously, but if he ends up deciding to leave, he will have many girlfriends, "Valdemoro, who won the WNBA three times, has predicted.

"Baskonia can surprise"

About the ACB final that takes place tonight between Barcelona and Baskonia, the Betfair ambassador believes that the Basques can surprise and take the title. "From the first moment it was known that Baskonia could give the surprise. He was one of the teams to consider, because he recovered many injured people, because he is physically very powerful and because he defends very well. Dusko Ivanovic has reached the final with a low noise, but very aggressive team. Dragic is spectacular, Pierriá Henry puts great defensive intensity and then there are Granger, Vildoza and Polonara ... A very complete team ", Valdemoro wrote.

The former player considers that, on the Barcelona side, "it would be nice if they started a project by winning a title. Whenever you start a new stage there is an adaptation phase and that has happened to them." In addition, he applauds the decision to appoint Mirotic MVP of the tournament. "Absolutely and in capital letters, of course Mirotic is the MVP! He is spectacular," he later insisted.

"San Pablo helps the ACB be the second best league"

Finally, and due to the surprise of the tournament, from San Pablo Burgos, Amaya Valdemoro believes that, to stay in the battle and continue fighting in the coming seasons, everything will depend of the financing they achieve. "The secret is if they have financial support to continue there. Every year it gives a little more. What I like most is the enthusiasm and support they have from the entire city. Now it has been a shame not to be supported by their public, but the more teams are making a name for themselves in the ACB, the better. That confirms the ACB as the second best league in the world. Teams like San Pablo make it so, "he concluded.

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