The lighthouse of the National Team

Momparler's Spain unites veteran and youth in Altea with Valverde as a benchmark. "I help young people but I also learn from them."

Alejandro Valverde must be the beacon of the new generations ", assures Pascual Momparler, Spanish coach, of the Murcian cyclist who at 40 is still a benchmark for national cycling. And although the one from Las Lumbreras does not abandon the idea of extending his career, the technician looks to the future ... and the present, because in a season as loaded as this 2020 has been after the pandemic, he is already working on the next appointments, the European (from August 24 to 28, probably in the French town of Plouay) and the World Cup (from September 20 to 27, in Aigle-Martigny, Switzerland) With these objectives, and before the tests resume, a concentration has been organized in Altea (Alicante) with a group of runners in which veteran and youth are mixed, and in which the Murcian acts as a guide.

"We are one of the few who can count on a legend like Valverde, and who is willing to help us in everything," praises Momparler. "Training with Valverde is brutal, he had never done it and I think age is just a number on his ID, he has ripped us four or five times," reveals Fernando Barceló, a Cofidis cyclist who at 24 is one of those names. that they must take the weight in the future and that they shared yesterday training session with that of Movistar and the rest of the summoned.

"I try to be as close to them and support as I can, but the riders who have come here are very good, not only do they learn from me, but I also learn from them", comments a Valverde who continues to have the Olympic Games between eyebrows, although the postponement to 2021 has made the World Cup again gain more importance in its road map. However, he acknowledges that without the need he had before achieving the rainbow in Innsbruck in 2018: "I have not achieved Olympic gold and the rainbow has, although it would be fantastic to achieve two. Innsbruck was the great opportunity, although the Swiss World Cup It benefits. Anyway, I think there will also be other colleagues with options. " Names like Landa or Enric Mas, absent in Altea preparing their goals with their teams, but whom Momparler follows closely: "I try to speak to everyone. Landa has already said that he has an eye on this concentration. If he is well, he will go to the Although the only one who has the job secured is Valverde ".

A concentration that has involved a great effort on the part of the Federation, since it has had to plan down to the smallest detail in terms of health and safety measures, but as the coach reflects, "these meetings help cyclists and staff members know each other to function in racing as a team. " A group that follows the light of its Valverde lighthouse.

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