The best Diego Costa of the year returns to the crime scene

The tip adds two goals in the return to LaLiga. Last season he saw the red at the Camp Nou when Atlético fought for the title and was sanctioned with eight games.


On April 6, 2019, Atlético visited the Camp Nou still with options to fight the League against Barcelona. With eight days to go, the rojiblanco team was eight points from first place, but a victory at the Blaugrana coliseum placed Simeone's team five points behind the leader with 35 still at stake.

Atlético jumped to the green with character, competing from you to you and waiting for the forward formed by Griezmann and Diego Costa to engage in a dangerous move to score a goal. But at minute 30 everything went to waste when the '19' protested a foul in the center of the field and saw the direct red. According to the collegiate Gil Manzano in the minutes, the footballer yelled at him "I shit on your fucking mother", something that contrasted with the words of Costa, who indicated that he had said "I shit on my fucking mother". A justification that did not change the opinion of the referee, who also recorded in the minutes that the striker grabbed his arm to prevent him from removing more cards, for which he was sanctioned with eight games (four for each action).

A completely decisive expulsion, playing an hour with one less footballer, until falling 2-0 despite Oblak's miracles kept the scoreless score until the 84th minute. Barcelona went to eleven points and Atlético lost Diego Costa to the rest of the season and the beginning of this, without being able to count on him in the league debut against Getafe, although he agreed that he was injured.

Costa, in top form

Now Atlético returns to the Camp Nou, this year without being able to fight for the League title, but aware that a victory would greatly approach the goal of finishing in third place and qualifying for the next Champions League. And Cholo has the best version of Diego Costa of the season. The striker has returned from the break due to the coronavirus health crisis in a great shape, fine, fast and without that problem in the back of which he underwent surgery (cervical disc herniation) to return against Liverpool away from a fit state. optimum.

In these five games he has won the game for Morata, being part of the eleven in three of them and leaving the bench in two to get a total of two goals and two assists, while when he came to a stop in March he had only managed two goals and three assists in 19 games. Costa scored the tying goal against Athletic recovering his connection with Koke and defining perfectly against Unai Simón. He would score again last Saturday against Alavés taking advantage of a penalty caused by Marcos Llorente, his attacking partner for many minutes in this return to competition and a key joint change to change the face of Atlético.

In addition to those goals, Costa has contributed to the game working on defense, showing many unchecks again and playing well on his back. In El Sadar he gave the goal to João Félix and also combed the ball that fell to Vitolo to defeat Valladolid. His next objective is the Camp Nou, a stadium where he has pending accounts since although he touched heaven in 2014 with the League title, he had to do it from the bench after suffering a muscle injury in the 16th minute. If last season he was the protagonist of one of the worst moments of his career, now he wants to be because he is recovering sensations from the best Costa that Atlético so badly needs.

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