Seville and Valladolid subscribe to the X

Fourth draw for the locals and the third for the visitors since the competition resumed. Kiko Olivas and Ocampos scored the goals. The VAR canceled a goal by Munir.

Sevilla and Valladolid added a new draw, the fourth for the locals and the third for the visitors since the resumption of the competition, which allows them to continue advancing at an ant pace in their goals for the Champions and for the permanence respectively, but not allows them to strike the table that victory would have entailed.

And if someone caressed the victory with his fingers it was a Valladolid who saw him escape from a strange penalty by the hands of Javi Sánchez. And despite this, they could still win Sergio's, but Alcaraz found Vaclik in a clear hand-to-hand when the game languished. The Czech goalkeeper was compensated in this way for his mistake in the goal of the pucelanos, a frontal foul in which Kiko Olivas took advantage of his bad placement but also the mess that Fernando and Escudero made when defending a simple ball hung from the front

Reading. Valladolid was the one who knew best how to adapt to what the party needed at all times. Sergio's suffered in the initial stretch of the crash, since Sevilla came out with a push and only the crossbar prevented Nervión's men from getting ahead on the scoreboard. Those of Lopetegui scared but they did not hit, while Valladolid took advantage of the minimum that they had and gave the ball to Sevilla so that they despaired without finding fluid paths to the Masip area.

Everything could change shortly after the match resumed, but the VAR canceled a header goal by Munir for a millimeter offside. There was no doubt about video arbitration to confirm Pizarro Gómez's decision to signal a penalty at the hands of Javi Sánchez when Sevilla were already attacking with more heart than head. Ocampos assumed responsibility and did not fail, before catching an extraordinary anger at his replacement in the discount by Rony Lopes, something that no one understood.

The night marked for the takeoff of both teams after their numerous draws returned to settle with an X in their box of the pool.

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