Setién: "I trust that Real Madrid is wrong ..."

The Barça coach, on whether he continues to trust Madrid to click: "Of course I continue to trust. Anything can happen."


Quique Setién spoke this Friday in the Celta-Barça League preview that will take place this Saturday (5:00 p.m.). He did it at a telematic press conference: he addressed the 'Arhur case', he insisted that he believes Madrid will puncture, he had good words with Riqui Puig ... These were his opinions.

Celta: “All teams would like to defend very well by accumulating a lot of people, which is how it is best done and then when they have the ball, attack well. And that's what I suppose Celta will try to do. Being consistent and solid in defense and also in attack is a very talented team with players who know what to do with the ball, who have that inspiration that makes them different. There are players that we all know that are very smart and that can complicate us. It is going to be a difficult game and I hope to get ahead but with difficulties. ”

Are you ready for Arthur? “In principle, I still count on him, he is a player that we are going to need, who are important. At first he will do the training and then he will travel and with possibilities to play. It is what it is. You have to try that all this noise does not affect you and that in case you have to go out to play you try to give the best of yourself ”.

Are you concerned that until the end of the season the player signs with Juve and is focused on the team? “This that is happening is abnormal. The reality is that I suppose that any player who is in a situation like this has to be clear that the season is not over, that there are still very important games and he, like the rest, surely wants to end well if that is the case, win a title and leave a good memory until the last day. I understand that the circumstances we have lived through have led us to this path, but I understand that the professionalism and honesty of all the players will continue until the last day. ”

Is there too much talk about arbitration and VAR? Do you focus too much on the referees or do you feel that you are justified? “Since I started playing and later as a coach it has always been the same. I don't know if it's too much or too little. I stay on the sidelines. You have your opinion on all the situations that can occur and what you see, but this is inherent in football. And it will continue to be ”.

Are you still convinced that Madrid is going to play? "Of course I am still convinced. That there are still 7 games to play and it is very difficult for all of us to win. We have tied, they have not yet but this is a game that sometimes surprises us. It is true that they are in a good moment, just as we are, but everything can happen. And I trust that at some point they are wrong. ”

Do you have the feeling that in Vigo and Atlético they are the key to LaLiga? "Any game can be complicated. The results are very tight and we will have to wait until the last day. The next two games are important, but the others were also important."

Are you bothered by all the market buzz these days? "We are one more piece in the gear. We can do no more than accept what comes and how it comes. As with the schedules and the VAR we cannot do anything. We have to focus on ours."

As neither Busquets nor De Jong is present, is it time for the ownership of Riqui Puig? "It could be a good time. With absences you have more options, but before you also had them."

Are you aware of the clamor of the people and the press for Riqui and Ansu to play? "I am not aware of what is being said. There are many opinions and people do not agree. I pay more attention to objective influences and listen to the people I trust and who work with me. But the decision is mine" .

Would you understand the anger of the fans if Arthur left? "He is not the first to arrive at a club with great enthusiasm and does not bear fruit. It happens to many teams and players. I understand that there will be fans from all over."

In which aspects has Riqui Puig evolved the most and what needs to be improved still? "He has had an important progression. The attitude was always extraordinary, but there have been things that we have indicated to him to accommodate the needs of the team. He has been adapting and has given a level in training and in the commitment matches in that sense. That is the way. "

Do you think that to be champion Barça has to win everything? "If Madrid loses two games, one less would be enough for us. I don't think we will win all the games. Our hope is to win them all."

What has happened to Arthur Melo that has happened from remembering Xavi and then has not lived up to it? "I cannot speak of the time when he has not been with me. Since we have been together, he has put a lot of interest in what we ask for. We have stressed many things to him, perhaps he has lacked continuity, but it is not easy to change a footballer who comes from others Coaches who have told him that he did it well like holding the ball and pausing and doing it with two touches. Normally he has done it effectively. I think he is on the right track for the future. "

How is all this managed knowing that it will leave when the season ends? "The club has not told me to leave. Now there will be training and he will be with us until the last game. If the circumstances arise, we will convince him to isolate himself and leave a good memory as a person and as a professional."

If you are the Barça coach next season, would you prefer Pjanic or Arthur? "I do not comment on hypotheses. I am in constant contact with the sports management, but I do not ask for too many explanations every day because I cannot wear myself out on things that do not concern me. I focus on tomorrow's game."

How have you seen Rafinha? "He is playing very well, as is his team. To which they have raised their spirits, each player has given his best version. A great player with great talent like Denis or Iago, who have always liked me."

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