Sergio Rodríguez: the 'Chacho de Bilbao' says goodbye

After a great year at RETAbet, tomorrow he will say goodbye to a great stage with participation in the Cup and the final phase of the ACB. He does this by facing his friend Bouteille.


Sergio Rodríguez arrived in Bilbao a year ago with his Canarian accent and his country-like air. The bird is funny. He landed after a long journey in the LEB, with the last stage in the Ourense, and after stepping on the ACB with his home team, the Iberostar Tenerife. Tomorrow he performs his 'last dance' as a 'man in black', now that the expression of fashion is in fashion. In between, a precious cycle, in which he has not only managed to be in the Cup and the final phase of the ACB, is that he also leaves much affection scattered by Miribilla, for his involvement, his remarkable evolution and his closeness to people. "My goal since childhood, like that of many others, was to reach the ACB and I have succeeded. The beautiful thing is to stay," he ambitions.

The equipment has been closed for days. Álex Reyes arrives from Oviedo to replace him. It will fulfill the same role: giving relays and keeping up. And in that position the holder will be the Polish Zyskowski. The farewell will be very special. At least he can capture it on the track, because his teammate Schreiner, another guy adored in Bilbao, will not be able to do it due to a knee injury. It will also be the farewell of Rafa Martínez and Iván Cruz. In addition, the 'three' from the Canary Islands closes the curtain before his friend Bouteille, in an inconsequential Unicaja-Bilbao Basket. "I have matched in many confrontations with him and I know him. He has something special. Although it seems that he does not have any way to score, he finds it. Hopefully he does not have the day," says Txatxo, a Basque version of the Armani Milan base.

Sergio is not one of those who focuses on the present thinking about the future. He would like to continue in the ACB but it will be seen. "I am very sorry not to look at the next stage until the one you are experiencing ends. I think this year he has drawn an evolving player, who likes to work and help in any way possible," adds the forward for Bilbao Basket. When he arrived in Bilbao in 2019, to a team that had escaped the agony and bankruptcy process, he saw a very positive side: He came to do the same thing as Matulionis in LEB: give relief to the starting high forward (in the second category Edu Martínez and now Bouteille, until he was transferred). "I thought it was going to be a good year, because of the enthusiasm that was seen in the club; the results are given by work." Perhaps in this final phase the true Sergio Rodríguez has not been seen, a forward with impudence, always attentive to the game, with improved defense at every step and a good outside shot. "I have tried to help. I am happy to play with these guys that I love and I am satisfied." Haws' fright and the casualties have brought the group even closer together: "We have fought against that and drawn forces from where there are none; the team always pulls courage," he summarizes. The idea is to put a cheerful pin on the team's farewell to Valencia tomorrow: "Although we don't play anything, we all like to play with victory." Whoever has their services next year gets a good player and a personal gift.

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