Ribó and Roig sign the contract for the concession of the Arena floor

The mayor and the person in charge of Licampa meet and take another step to promote the construction of the new pavilion.


The Mayor of València, Joan Ribó, and Juan Roig (who formed the company Licampa 1617 SL with their personal assets with the aim of promoting the construction of an Arena in València), met this afternoon to sign the contract that regulates the concession of the land where the Arena will be built, after being approved by the Governing Board last Friday, June 19, to transfer to Licampa 1617 SL the 21,500-square-meter plot located on Ángel Villena, Bomber Ramon Duart and Antonio Ferrandis streets (along with L'Alqueria del Basket and the Pavelló Font de San Lluís) .

In this way, the Arena project, a personal and altruistic initiative of Juan Roig, advances and gains momentum, and the fruit of collaboration and public-private initiative, which seeks to provide the city with a multipurpose venue that positions Valencia and the Valencian Community as World benchmark to host top national and international sports, cultural and entertainment events.

This gives way to the last steps for the building permit and to carry out the construction. If all the procedures are carried out as planned, the Arena could start its works in this summer of 2020 and open in València in 2023, and would also contribute to the economic revival that this entire construction process will entail from the outset. .

Among the main characteristics of the signed contract, it is worth noting that Licampa 1617 SL will annually pay a fee in favor of the Municipal Corporation of € 200,000 annually, which can be updated. Likewise, once the 50-year concession period ends, the site will revert to the municipality without incurring any cost to the city.

The Mayor, Joan Ribó, has highlighted the work of the València City Council in promoting important projects for the economic revitalization of the city and the creation of employment. In addition, according to the Mayor, it comes at a time when it is necessary to recover activity to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, "let's take a step forward promoting a large investment that will help the city to overcome this complex situation." In this sense, it has valued public-private collaboration to encourage plans and projects, such as the Valencia Arena, which contributes to the growth of Valencia and the projection of its image and reputation. For the Mayor, "the construction of the Valencia Arena is a great opportunity that will place the city in the international elite of basketball, but also with a capacity for 18,600 people, it will host large musical and artistic events that previously we could not host because we did not have a space of these dimensions. " For Ribó, "we advance in the idea of València capital of sport and València capital of music" .

On the other hand, Juan Roig, stressed that "my commitment to the development of a project such as the construction of an Arena is a source of pride, as it will reactivate the city's economy, while contributing to raising the notoriety and reputation of Valencia and the Valencian Community When we started this entrepreneurial idea, we always knew that our initiative had to be, in addition to being sustainable, a joint project that added value to all Valencians, something for which it was essential to have all the technical agents, Social and political representatives of the City Council and Generalitat involved, to whom, headed by Mayor Joan Ribó, I thank them for the effort they have made during this time to make the Arena project a reality. "

The investment planned this first year, which will be fully paid altruistically with the personal assets of Juan Roig, is 26 million euros out of the total of 220 million euros planned for the total financing of the project, which in its entirety covers the construction of the covered area, the parking lot and a series of complementary infrastructures that will energize the neighborhood, such as a public park with green areas or the construction of a new and modern infrastructure for the "Les Arts" public school .

This Arena will have a maximum capacity of 15,600 spectators in basket mode and 18,600 in concert mode. In its entirety, this space will occupy a total constructed area of approximately 47,000 square meters. In addition, the project contemplates the construction of an underground car park and part in height with approximately 1,300 spaces, the annexed construction of the new headquarters of the Valencia Basket Club, a multipurpose room for multiple availabilities of 1,200 square meters, catering areas, ample offer of locations, terraces and premium areas

The Arena is part of the Patronage of the Juan Roig Legacy project and, like the rest of the initiatives that comprise it, such as Marina de Empresas, Fundación Trinidad Alfonso, Valencia Basket and L'Alqueria del Basket, among others, it seeks to share with the city part of how much he receives from it, for which it will be financed entirely with the personal assets of Juan Roig, through the patrimonial Licampa 1617 SL, who, as the terms go by, will define the management model according to the project needs

According to the latest report carried out by the Valencian Institute for Economic Research (Ivie), this space will contribute to generating approximately 300 jobs (direct and indirect) and an economic impact (GDP) in the city of Valencia of more than 10 million euros per year.

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