Real Madrid: a bump that can change your plans

The club, which was committed to continuity, now plans to reinforce a veteran squad and which lacks a top-level European foreign player. Abalde, an option.

If in the preview of this final phase we were talking about the champion having an asterisk on the track record (smaller if the title is for Barça, who was the leader for that after 23 days), the elimination of Madrid also carries an orthographic sign call. An unforeseen outcome in exceptional conditions due to the pandemic. The Whites were on a twelve win streak before the March break. They had just won the King's Cup after having held the Super Cup in September, in the League they were seconds waiting for the Classic and in the Euroleague too, only in the wake of Efes and with the field factor almost assured in the playoff. A veteran team with meticulous physical preparation to enhance its virtues at peak moments and which, in view of the results, has cost more than others to start from scratch with an unprecedented competition format.

The coronavirus crisis has altered everything, and with that sieve the hit should be judged, which is because for the first time in 12 years the whites will not play the semifinals. So, in 2008, it was the second year of Joan Plaza on the bench and there was talk of Madrid for records, but the Unicaja of Scariolo, Cabezas, Berni, Carlos Jiménez, Ndong ... eliminated him in just 48 hours of playoffs. It will be the first time in the Laso era, in nine seasons (five league titles), that he has not played in the final. A failure with exculpatory arguments that do not hide various realities: the champion team of this decade is extinguished (Reyes, 40 years old; Carroll, 37; Rudy, 35 and Llull, 33 in November) and there have been decisive marches that have not been covered with hit, especially in the outside game. A perimeter that made the Palace fill with the Madrid of one hundred points, which recovered the fast basketball (now, less) that was holy and sign of the section.

The renovations and the salary bill

Last summer the club renewed Campazzo, Tavares, Causeur and Taylor and so far this season they have signed their extensions Randolph, Rudy, Carroll, Thompkins and the next must be Reyes. A commitment to the continuity that a single incorporation would bring, that of Alocén, a signing closed a year ago. However, the results and certain evidence can force a flipping. If Madrid is at the top of the budget in Europe it is to fight for the Euroleague and for that it needs a top-level exterior to accompany Campazzo. He wanted to sign Micic in 2019 and Larkin and then Wilbekin a few months ago, but he stayed far economically. The salary mass of basketball is very high, about 30 million euros (only in sports personnel), although spread over many chips, up to 16 of the first team this year (Mejri, who has barely acted, is around 600,000 euros gross), that there is less room for maneuver in the fight for the consecrated stars.

The failed signings

In 2015 he won the Euroleague with Sergio Rodríguez, Llull, Carroll and Rudy in full swing on the perimeter. And in 2018 with Doncic from MVP. Key pieces that make the difference in Europe, that's how it has been in this century if we review the MVP collection in the Final Four. In 2014, the signing of Campazzo, which still had three years to mature, was a huge success. Then, in 2016, Chacho left for the NBA and Dontaye Draper arrived in a poor second stage (2.8 points and 1.4 assists in 13:26 minutes on the track in the Euroleague). In 2017, the line-up was unbeatable: Llull, Doncic and Campazzo, but the Minorcan was injured and the one chosen to replace him was Chasson Randle, who made 2.6 goals and an average pass in 7:35 minutes. Llull, however, arrived in time to actively collaborate in Belgrade in the conquest of the Tenth. In 2018, Doncic leaves for the NBA and his deep footprint is covered with a step in front of Campazzo, but, in terms of reinforcements, by youth squad Melwin Pantzar (eight minutes throughout the Euroleague) and Klemen Prepelic, an escort who He had to base (3.8 points and 1.7 assists at 9:05, in 21 of the 35 continental games) .

In June 2019, Real celebrated the League at the Palau and, a month earlier, had touched the Euroleague (defeat in the semifinals against CSKA); However, Madrid's rectors are clear that a base must be signed. The chosen one is Nicolás Laprovittola, who had already been tested during the season. He arrives as MVP of the ACB with Joventut and in Madrid he does not exceed 5 points and 3 assists at 13:31 in 23 of the 28 European days. In key games it counts little for Laso, even in some he does not play. Some market insiders see him out of the white team.

Alberto Abalde and the substitute for Tavares

Y is that the elimination may alter the plans somewhat and force some departure of contract players to make room for reinforcements. The option of Alberto Abalde, 24-year-old forward from Valencia, as Las Provincias has told, is on the table. Contract ends in 2021, but with exit clause. We do not know the exact amount of the termination, although some sources put it at no more than a million euros and another at two million. His agent, Igor Crespo, also represents Mirotic.

Inside, Tavares has not had a substitute for him, which is not easy either. Jordan Mickey has shown great talent and, at the same time, gaps to replace Edy due to his defensive ability in the melee and his problems in closing the rebound. In addition, in the ACB it was the non-community discard on D-days. The nationalization of Deck could alleviate this last problem, although it still has no renewal agreement with the club with one of the lowest chips in the squad and an affordable clause. The Argentine SUV is one of the most powerful pieces in the current Madrid and its loss would be hard to fit. And let's not say Campazzo's, who has a difficult time leaving the NBA due to his clause (6 million euros) and the current indeterminacy of dates and calendars in the US, but who is very attentive to what may arise. The white roadmap is not as defined now as it seemed a few weeks ago. Let's see.

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