Raúl returns to the bench

The '7' will take the reins of the Youth in the resumption of the Youth League by the goodbye of Poyatos. In two weeks he will return to training.


Raúl will have to shorten his vacation because he will double this season. After abruptly ending the Castilla season for COVID-19, the coach will take command of the Madrid youth team for the Youth League, the Champions League for the U-19 players. The bench for Juvenil A blanco has been left empty after Dani Poyatos left for the Greek Panathinaikos and the national competition has already ended. But the European does return: on August 16 the round of 16 are played, in a single match, against Juventus in Nyon (Switzerland) .

Dani Poyatos said goodbye last week although he has not yet been officially announced by Panathinaikos as his new coach. Madrid evaluated the available options that were less traumatic. The one of Raúl (who will also be able to 'download' several castillistas with whom he works regularly) was the most exciting and the one that least disturbed the plans of the entity, which does not want to rush with the new tenant of the first Juvenil, the most pampered team of the fabric. A team, by the way, that Raúl did not go through in this formative stage as a coach. Last season was his first in Valdebebas after taking the title. He started it in Cadet B and finished it in Juvenile B. And from there, last summer, to Castilla.

The club has yet to communicate the squad that will be cited before two weeks to return to training, but it is expected that the seven pull several castillistas who by age (in fact they are juniors) can be registered and have already played Poyatos' orders in the group stage. There stand out several castillistas of this course: Antonio Blanco and Miguel Baeza, the pichichi of the white branch (nine goals) .

The format. The Juvenil of Madrid will have a small advantage in the forced change of format of the Youth League because of COVID-19. From playing in Turin (single game, as is the norm in this competition) to doing it now on neutral ground. UEFA has decided, as with the Champions, to concentrate what remains of the competition in the same venue. Nyon, who usually hosts the Final Four (Madrid played it three times), will bring together the remaining eighths, the quarterfinals and that Final to Four.

The club continues to restructure 'La Fábrica'

Madrid took a relevant turn three weeks ago in what their quarry will be like in the near future. Ramón Martínez, the historic head of La Fábrica, was promoted to deputy to the general management of the club (along with José Ángel Sánchez) and his position became Manu Fernández, until then coach of Juvenil B and also the son of the historic former manager of the club, Manuel Fernández Trigo. The first movement was the departure of Martínez's right-hand man, Manolo Díaz. At the moment Alfredo Merino continues, number three in the previous organization chart. Within the new pyramid of coaches Arbeloa is looking for a place for his first experience as a coach (presumably in Infantil B) and work is being done on the configuration of the different templates. There are arrivals of children already closed since before the coronavirus, such as the cases of Kenneth Soler (Espanyol) and Axel Espínola (Damm) .

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