Pesic will fight for a title in Valencia seventeen years later

The Barça coach achieved his first ACB title (2002-03) with Barça by winning the third game of the final playoff against Valencia (74-82) at the Fuente de San Luis.

Barça and Kirolbet Baskonia will play the fourth final between the two teams in the entire history of the ACB league on Tuesday. The Barça victory against San Pablo Burgos (98-84) and the baskonista against Valencia (75-73) in the semifinals has led to what will be the twenty-eighth final in ACB of the Barcelona players -15 titles- and the ninth - three titles- of the Baskonians.

And seventeen years later, this final is very special for the current Barça coach Svetislav Pesic. The veteran Serbian coach returns to the same scenario in which he won the League in his first season at the Barça club. It was on June 24, 2003 when he beat Pamesa Valencia in the third game of the final playoff (74-82). Curiously, three months earlier, on February 23 and in that same pavilion, he had achieved the King's Cup, defeating Dusko Ivanovic's Baskonia in the final (84-78)

Now he has the opportunity to achieve a title that five seasons ago, since 2014, that Barça has not achieved, but also Ivanovic to do it for the Alava after almost a decade, since 2010. This title represented and continues to be the best campaign of the history of Barcelona basketball with the 'triplet' after also winning the Copa del Rey and the Euroleague.

The first final between both teams was in the 2007-2008 season and Baskonia, trained by Neven Spahija, beat a stressed team 3-0 after the cessation, in February of that year, of Dusko Ivanovic and the arrival of Xavi Pascual at the bench.

In the following campaign (2008-2009), Ivanovic had returned to Vitoria and Barça, with Xavi Pascual, defeated him in the final 3-1, having the field factor against him. And the Montenegrin revenge came in the following season (2009-2010). Barça came from winning the Euroleague and, in addition, had the field factor in their favor, but Baskonia crushed him 0-3.

Before this exceptional final phase, the team from Vitoria and Barça met in the semifinals of the 2017-2018 season. Then led by Pedro Martínez they imposed 3-1 on an opponent where Svetilasv Pesic had arrived on the bench, in his second stage, in February of that year.

In the group stage of this final phase, Barça defeated Baskonia 81-75 in a clash in which Pesic's men defeated their rival in the last five minutes with a partial 14-2 (from 62-65 ( m.35) to 76-67 (m.38)) key.

Baskonia players Shavon Shields, with 26 points and 6 triples, Shengelia (12 points 6 rebounds) and Pierria Henry (14 points and 5 assists) stood out against Adam Hanga (15 points and 7 assists), Nikola Mirotic (13 points and 8 rebounds) ), Cory Higgins (11) and Brandon Davies (11). Tomorrow, Tuesday, last chapter.

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