Pesic: "It is not easy for anyone to play against Baskonia"

Barça coach Svetislav Pesic warns that Dusko Ivanovic's direct game in which each player knows what his role is.

"Baskonia's direct basketball is his best weapon and this has made him deserve to be in the final as well." This is how the Barça coach, Svetislav Pesic, has expressed himself regarding the tomorrow final of the Endesa league between Barça and Baskonia in the Fuente de San Luis pavilion in Valencia.

He praised the work of his opponent on the bench, Montenegrin coach Dusko Ivanovic because, "he does not use much tactics or philosophies, but that direct basketball, in which each player knows his job and what the coach wants in attack and defense makes it not easy to play against them. "

He recognized that, "Dusko does not change his game philosophy much from one year to the next. He is a great coach and the teams he prepares are never easy for the opponents and there are few teams in Europe that can play this way: with intensity, pressure on defense, looking for the offensive rebound and for this he has enough experienced players ".

It will be the second final of the second stage of Pesic on the Barça bench, after losing last season against Real Madrid (3-1) and falling in the semifinals in 2017-2018 against Baskonia (3-1) after his arrival on the bench in February 2018.

"The coaches know how to organize and prepare the team with the aim of winning the ACB league and in this final phase it was possible to see each day. Although we were almost always at the hotel, there was a great concentration because everyone wanted to end this long season with many matches in the best possible way ", he has indicated about his team.

He also recalled that "the final is the most important game of all and we have players with enough talent and experience. As in all finals, the way of playing does not change. We come from five consecutive games, we know that you have to prepare them all for the same way and I think that way we can win "

After five seasons without winning the League, achieving it now would mean, according to Pesic "something important for this generation. I have been here for two years and we try to maintain continuity, seeking the game philosophy as we have shown this season" .

He was satisfied with his team's game this season since, "both the players and the fans have enjoyed at the Palau and that was and is our first objective. Although we don't have them here now, we know they are with us. We know that we are not alone and the title is important to be satisfied with what we have done in the last two years and we will do our best to win tomorrow "

He has described this final phase as "exceptional, the first in basketball history where five games are played, semifinal and final. There are many games, all with different preparation, etc. Everything has been different in this tournament, but thanks to the motivation additional players, not only mine but everyone, we must have great respect for all of them because they have all given their best, "he concluded.

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