Meriton takes the chest out of his management with Celades on the bench

The club recalled on social networks that with Celades on the bench and Meriton as the owner, they have reached the eighth of the Champions seven years later, although Lim was already the owner in six of them.

These are tough days for Valencianism, the bad results, the institutional crisis, the dismissal of Celades and the resignation of César Sánchez have once again dynamited a project commanded by Meriton that has not just established itself in the capital of Turia. However, Peter Lim, Murthy and theirs have considered that in these troubled times it is a good time to take advantage of their management.

They did it at the same time as they took the opportunity to thank Albert Celades, in a tweet in which they were in charge of remembering that this year Valencia returned to the eighth of the Champions seven years later with Meriton Holdings on the property and Celades in the bench. Although it is true that the managers have no reason, it is also true that in those seven years that Valencia have not entered the eighth, in six of them Peter Lim was already the owner of the club, so he is left to today a balance of a pass to eighth in six years in command.

It is not the first time that social media has attempted to enhance the figure of property -today more than questioned-, and the result is the opposite. Just two years ago when Marcelino's Valencia swept through where he was passing, the club wrote an editorial titled "Meriton is making Valencia great again." Nor has that tweet been forgotten yet in Valencia after falling 5-2 against Barça with the fateful final phrase 'es lo que hay'-

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